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April 29th, 2003

ginger talk


  1. Billy B.

    Once again… Response….LESS. Not good, not good at all. You guy have to start complainin or something. Seriously whats the point of Rereading old comics if you dont have a little spice on the bottom, and I like Spice!, Speaking about spice, Im thirsty..Helloooo Jones Creeeaaaam sooodaaa…
    Billy B.

  2. Ali

    Well, I come here for the pure genius showcased in those panels not the incessant ramblings of a poster looking for some attention. Pfft.

    … Of course, my post just acknowledged that I read the above comment, huh? GAH!

    Carry on gents.

  3. Jaelith

    …this is only slightly disturbing…

  4. TypH

    haha someone sure does love there dog, an maybe needs to taste some real lady nipples:P

  5. Jade Griffin

    That guy… His dog! *shudders* But, hey, I know people are like that! Just… not me.

  6. D:

    How do you motorboat something with 10 nipples?

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