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May 7th, 2003



  1. Billy B.

    I noticed, while one the war against zero comments, I forgot to actually comment on the comic. So ya my bad. Time to redeem my self! Totally Loving the emotional Dude on Ray’s shirt whoot!.

    Peace. Billy B.

  2. Chirox

    Well, Just to make you feel better I’m commenting on the nice japanese piece of artwork in the frame back there. Very nice.

  3. Kagcomix

    I’m going to coment. These are pretty awesome, I’m enjoying them. I read the one in the TCAF thingy and decided to check them out. Yeah, awesomeness.

  4. Grand master slap

    truly brilliant only read 3 and i already love it found the site through orneryboy brilliant site as well

  5. Jono

    mmm like Grand master slap (wonders if that his real name); I too was re-directed from orneryboy

    another evil first world comic to suck up my African bandwidth; pooodu

  6. TypH

    haha great stuff, very funny, an nice artwork to go along with it too makes it even better

  7. allari

    you guys should transalate it in spanish, i´m sure the humor would go well in latin america 😉 I likie it!

  8. Jade Griffin

    Wow! Ramon’s shirt changed!

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