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May 14th, 2003



  1. em

    if only we all had shirts that emoted with us… 🙂

  2. Billy B.

    Okay well lets start with the fact that ZERO count them ZERO comments are on this page. I’ve had enough Im commenting all the poor lonley B.N.S comics and thats that. You B.N.S’s fans should be ashamed.
    Oh P.S lovin the New Ray. But im more like a Ray turn Rob sorta dude. gotta love the short stocky dudes.

  3. Laura

    Just recently discovered this site. OMG! I haven’t laughed so hard in a long damn time! Love, love, love this strip! Booyah!

  4. Kagcomix

    That shirt is pretty awesome!

  5. Ali

    So… Is Rob a “little person” or just stout? Trying to paint a complete picture here.

    … and I fear the uber-trendy, ginger-maned object of Ramon’s lustings is a wee bit Trantastic.

  6. Ramon

    stout is a polite word, we’ll go with that 🙂

  7. Grand master slap

    stout tis a funny word… so ramon did that swedish one ever end up comin over

  8. nrvs

    Man… I remember people screaming BOOYAH like that. Why did they stop? BOOYAH. BOOYAH! Awesome.
    Nice strip Ramon. Seriously – your art is amazing man.

  9. Shashank


    Hell yeah 😀 LMAO

  10. Johnny

    I would pay mad money for a Ramon “BOOYAH” t-shirt of panel 4. I seriously would. And I would wear it everywhere, including to bed. And in a month, after I wear it to threads, I’d pay mad money for another one.

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