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May 21st, 2003



  1. Billy B.

    Wow. Been there. Done that. Had that happen. Im totally feelin his pain….
    Because NO ONE ELSE WILL. I mean seriously where are the comments… if I find one more in a row. Its WAR. and not the card game. Now that I mention it.. Im goin to find my bro Peace
    Billy B.

  2. Helix

    Somehow, the fact that Panel 1 Ramon is wearing a BPRD t-shirt fills me with manic glee.

    – JCH

  3. Tara

    […”For the love of God! It burns! IT BURNS!!”]

    …She’s the Man was not out then, was it? o__o

  4. TypH

    haha thats freaking awesome, I can picture that happening to someone I would know:P

  5. Secundus

    So what’s the artwork in the back this time?

  6. D:

    I would love to see the smiley on his shirt the moment he got maced

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