ladies man
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May 28th, 2003

ladies man


  1. Billy B.

    0 for Rob and Ray. 2 for the Ladiez. and counting

    Oh and dont think i forgot about you so called BNS fans, I went ahead and looked the the next 2 Commentless Comics, yes ComentLESS. Im fed up. Im stoppin today and expect some tomorrow.
    Billy B.


  2. ash wednesday

    Still the best one of them all.

  3. TypH

    haha freaking funny as hell:P wish i could write stuff like this guess i gotta work harder:P

  4. Ilya

    LOL!!! Just came here from reading Kukuburi. That pickup line is gold…. I wish I was short so that I could use it lol.

  5. Valentine

    gotta say it’s nice to see a comic thats realistic and gives the charecters a change of clothes plus it’s a lot of work changeing the clothes they wear almost every strip so great job

  6. Jade Griffin

    LOL! Love his friend, even though they’re both 0 for 0.

  7. Michael

    OK, that one was a literal LOL. Very nice.

  8. Emma

    Good Lord, Billy, calm down. You’re going to hurt yourself.

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