mmm, baaacon…
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June 18th, 2003

mmm, baaacon…


  1. al

    LMFAO thats awesome!!!

  2. Lame_Bushido

    This tops American Beauty!

  3. Rose Smith

    He must be a Dwarf, certainly not an elf!

  4. MrKlaatu

    August 17th, 2007 at 3:33 pm
    al Says:
    “LMFAO thats awesome!!!”

    No…Mena Suvari in bacon….now THAT’s awsome.

  5. internet detective

    Stolen from that kid’s move, Madagascar. The lion has a full blown spoof dream sequence with the American Beauty soundtrack and everything. Steaks not bacon though.

    Stop stealing other people’s creativity.

  6. Ramon

    i love people who slag the comic and can’t even put forth their real name and email.

    ‘internet detective’ look closer at the date this comic was created and posted and then compare it to when madagascar was released.

  7. Hakeswill

    You tell him, Ramon!

  8. B

    Spec Ta Cu LAR

  9. AnarchED

    holy shit this is fucking AWSOME cant wait to read the rest

  10. Anelis


  11. Lorelei

    That is perhaps the most perfect dream ever.

  12. Heather

    Okay, this is one hot man…mmm, bacon!

  13. Joel

    Wait, what are his other top 16 dreams? o_O

  14. Jen

    I’ve got guy friends who would think that much bacon is just as erotic as he’s dreaming it is.

  15. man yolk

    Photoshopped. The pixels in the falling bacon are all wrong, plus I’ve seen too many ‘shops in my day.

  16. MuDD

    its a webcomic, one which some of us think is funny and like reading if you dont and just want something to complain there are plenty other place to do so

    on the other hand That Would Be An Awsome Dream

  17. Ramon

    what in the hell is this ‘man yolk’ talkin’ about?

  18. Simon

    He could potentially be referring to this xkcd comic:

  19. Aslak

    Ah, that xkcd-reference by Simon just made this all the more funny! Thanks “Man Yolk”, Ramon and Simon, your a great team togheter!

  20. Hearing Aids

    Was linking someone to this strip of the comic specifically and just read the full comments. Haven’t laughed that hard in a while. Great strip and great “discussion”.

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