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July 9th, 2003



  1. Fish

    what a beautiful last panel. perfectly captured.

  2. Chirox

    Done it before. It’s not beautiful at all.

    The comic is good looking though.

  3. georgia

    The lady in the last panel looks like she wandered in from the Far Side 🙂

  4. Kagcomix

    True, Georgia, she does.
    the last panel looks like the scene in Hot Fuzz where one of the Neighboor hood watch women is riding the bike and firing guns and Danny (i think) opens the door to the police car.

  5. Stig

    Ah… I know that feeling. The feeling of total control. … *sigh* I never met a car door, but I have had a number of other “incidents”.

  6. TypH

    haha thats freaking funny, almost happened to me once going down the street an truck backing out:P, an then one time saw a guy go to jump the curve an do a face plant it was funny:P

  7. usivius

    i’ve mentioned this particualr strip to a number of people over the years and it is this post that brings the biggest laughs (and keeps ’em com’n back)

  8. Emma

    I once ran my mom’s bike into a tree. It actually fixed to problem we were having with getting it to the lowest gear.

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