It’s a date!

It used to be so simple; it used to be called dating, what’s changed? Dating used to be a sweet ritual of charm and chivalry responded to with acts of grace and flirtation. Boy meets girl, girl wears school jacket, girl gets promise trinket, guy begs for sex, realizes he needs to get engaged to have the sex because girl won’t play that way.

And so the wonderful tradition took form, and splendidly so depending on whether or not boys remember to keep their ring receipts. 

But even with those stages and levels of understanding there was always a level of uncertainty and trepidation, which has continued to remain in our attempts to link up with one another. 

To combat the fear we now resort to portraying an exuberant amount of apathy towards those that interest us. The more we like someone, the more we try not to show it. Unless one of the parties is well inebriated or the attempt is well shrouded in humor we don’t tend to put ourselves on the line. 

 We no longer date…  people just end up hanging out long enough until people call them a couple, it’s dating through osmosis. Forget ritual, forget taking the big chance, forget all of that, just sit back and wait for a label. “So are you guys like dating?” “Oh I don’t know what we are?”(Insert high pitched giggle here) “You guys are soooo going out!”(Insert squeal). And so begins another happy couple.

 If this degradation of our timely practice continues on its downward spiral, it won’t be long before we end up married by chance or on a TV show… oh wait…

just so you know…

One Comment!

  1. Kristen

    Wow. Paragraph four is spot on. (I know I’m a big fan of the “well shrouded in humor” route). However, I do not think that dating has or will ever be simple. And I don’t think that’s such a bad thing. Nothing worth having ever comes without hard work. I agree that it could be a lot less convoluted than it is. When is the last time someone looked at you and said, flat out, without any response warranted in return: “I like you.”

    I wasn’t a BNS reader in 2003, so I am glad you re-posted these, Ramon!

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