For those who have left…

We’re going to take the rant down a notch this week.

I just recently had a friend whose father passed away. I sympathize greatly as my own father passed away when I was seventeen years old. It’s not an easy thing to deal with by far but it does bring a lot of things to mind. 

Like for instance, why so much food?

I mean we had enough food given to us to feed our entire extended family four times over. Maybe we traded the old taboo of ingesting our dead for their wisdom, for a giant post-mortem buffet. I guess it’s much more tasteful.

My second question is “Why do people always say sorry?” Are they responsible somehow? My Dad died of a heart attack, so maybe the guy at our local Burger King could claim an assist but that’s it. Oh, and the tobacco companies, but I don’t expect any apologies, they’re pretty tied up with acts of contrition for cancer and emphysema right now. I really wonder about the people who still apologise to me even now, it’s been almost eleven years; I’ve had time to deal.

My other question is “why do some people bring up the dearly departed in hushed tones and downward glances?” You certainly aren’t going to wake them up or offend them by staring. The only question I can answer is this… “Why did it happen?” That’s the easy one, because it has to. It has to happen someday, sometime, somehow and no matter how you fill these variable slots it will never seem like the right time. It will always seem too unfair, too soon, or just too much.

We are lucky for a chance at life; look for the best in it. If you get knocked to the ground, marvel at how soft the grass is. 

I loved my father and am glad to have known him. His passing opened my eyes to things worth living for.

So I finish by saying this to my friend T.K., grieve well, however works for you. Never weigh yourself down with this loss, but elevate yourself with the joy of his memory. It’s a hard trail to walk upon, but at least it leads forward…

just so you know…


One Comment!

  1. Tree

    I understand this is a wee bit on the dated side, but I just wanted to very quickly say thank you for writting this. It says everything that needs to be said, and it says it honestly and without rancour.

    Thank you.

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