Hey! I'm walkin' here!!!

Why can’t we be more like ants? I mean these little guys have got it together. They’ve got a job to do and places to go and they all know it, in fact their colony depends on it.

Why ants do you say? “Rob, with all the limitless topics in the world why would you delve into a world already displayed in two computer animated feature films?” One simple reason, unaware people piss me off.

That’s right, you know who you are. You’re the ones who travel down escalators and stop at the bottom to look around while the poor civilians trapped behind you try desperately not to trample your inept form. 

You are the ones who get up first to leave the theatre after the movie is over and then proceed at a snail pace up the walkway while those of us behind wonder whether the urine straining our bladder will be noticeable on the front of our pants.

You are the ones who think store entrances and busy sidewalks are the best places to hold impromptu meetings of the socially dense.

Odds are that you will be the ones that keep me stuck in a burning building, jamming up the exit, wondering to yourselves if the southern exit is really the best exit when the north side of the building has a much more breathtaking view.

Come on people, the rest of us have important things to do!

How can some people live their lives so vastly oblivious?  These are the same people that walk out into traffic without looking. All this proves is that the natural selection theory is on the mark.

So to all you lollygaggers, amblers, meanderers, and ramblers, and plain old stunned cunts I’ll say this…

Get your head out of the clouds, everything you’ll see up there is foggy, daydreams help you set a goal but it’s your feet that will get you there.

Just so you know… 

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