To rant or not to rant…

Well it’s that time again and I’ll have to admit I’m stumped. I honestly have nothing to write about.

I feel the true power of a rant is brought about through searing anger or the indignant injustice of a particular subject or event.

At least it’s been that way so far.

Now I’ve hit an impasse, I’ve nothing to be angry about.

I have nothing to be angry about and it’s pissing me off.

Oh sure, I’m positive that you’ve all put your clever little noggins together and thought, “Hey he’s just said he’s angry.” Before you all start writing your witty and scathing emails on how right you are and how wrong I am, stop.

This anger I feel is not steeped in the spirit of righteousness. It’s the simple act of petty frustration.

Petty frustration does not aid in bringing forth eloquent tirades of outraged orations, all it brings about is bitching.

Believe me there is a difference.

Racing a pen across the page chastising the media’s implied importance of a movie star’s latest outing over startlingly tragic disasters, is good solid ranting.

Writing a page because your eggs were not hard poached, that’s a first class ticket to a whiny bitch nametag.

So instead of endless streams of minor annoyances, I will leave you with this.

It’s an overused adage but still fitting and true. 

“Choose your battles wisely”.

Some pages can be podiums, the rest are just wastes of ink.

Just so you know…


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