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March 17th, 2004



  1. georgia

    Thank you, I think this has finally helped me over the residual trauma left by watching care bears as a child.

  2. bestinthebiz

    …. k, u just made me wet myself …



  3. Jennykins

    ….that thing is likened to the annoying blue animal from S*P…except far pinker. o.o

  4. KLooD

    It doesn’t even bleed…*shudder*

  5. Cherry_Blossom

    Plus, Ramon looks really cute in this page…

  6. TypH

    it reminds me of something you would see on happy treehouse friends get killed an thats a good thing hahaha:P

  7. Puck

    It’s the perennial string of drool that makes it creepy.
    That makes it ALIVE.

  8. Sean


  9. MyNameIsNOTUrBusiness

    Yup. Kill that f***ing CareBear. I enjoyed watching it suffer.

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