double the fun!
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April 21st, 2004

double the fun!


  1. Meghan

    I think you’ve just managed to scar me for life.

  2. jake

    it’s supposed to be double the fun…not double the tons…

  3. Molly

    aw… you hurt my feelins.

  4. Tengel

    Lol, and he is blissfully unaware… xD

  5. TypH

    hahaha wow, just wow:P

  6. yohseph

    hahahaah awesome!

  7. whhhaaa?

    OH! so that’s his arm hair…
    it looks like band-aids or scabs and it was giving me the willies >:c

  8. Secundus

    I love how the bottles correspond to the drinker. Vince, tall and skinny, Rob, short and stubby.

  9. Gerbil Tamer

    Can… relate… *shame*
    Oh well, big girls need loving too.

  10. MyNameIsNOTUrBusiness

    …OH GOSH.

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