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April 28th, 2004



  1. Chirox

    Ah, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to see this. And now I have!

  2. JA

    That is amazing! I think I got as much satisfaction out of that as I would have had I smacked the guy myself!

    The world needs a coffee shop called “Just Coffee” where people are ridiculed for ordering anything beyond the generic.

    And the world also needs more strips like this. Bravo!

    The Banjo Players Must Die

  3. VW Bus

    Some months ago Consumer Reports said that 7-11 coffee was better than Starbuck’s. I agree, and I intend to stop at the nearest 7-11 as soon as I leave the office.

  4. E

    Excellent! Here in the Netherlands you start to see the same non-sense. Luckily the default here is still plain old coffee.

  5. Andre

    While I agree that things have gotten a bit ridiculous when ordering a simple coffee with cream and sugar, remember that it isn’t the customer that actually names the product. Unless there is some actual standard at play and people aren’t simply reading what is on the menu when ordering.

  6. Joe

    When I used to go to Starbux, I refused to say anything but “small, medium, or large” coffee. There is no point in speaking Frentalian.

  7. Michael

    I always say “large” as I can never remember the venti and all those other sizes they have. Great cartoon.

  8. KaceTheAce

    haha… I’ve always wanted to do that to the people who come up with some ridiculous order and say it quickly AND quietly and lean back so you can’t hear them over the espresso machine…

    Port City Java is better than Starbucks and 7-11!

  9. DasBling

    You know, when I pay 3.75 – 4.50 for a cup of coffee at starbucks, you better believe I am gonna have it made exactly like I want. If you dont like serving coffee the way customers want it, get another job.

  10. Stef

    funny … I always wanted to slap those waiters/waitresses rattling off a long list of things to choose from with the result that I as a customer felt utterly stressed by having (with a queue of 15 people behind me) on-the-spot to decide on something so insignificant as to whether I want skimmed or semi-skimmed or whatever in my café au lait …

  11. bestinthebiz

    whatever happened to the good old canadian basic “double-double”?


  12. Jane

    My main question for DasBling is: “Why are you paying 3.75 – 4.50 for A CUP OF COFFEE!!!!!!”

  13. Dev Kanchen

    Topic’s kinda old but coffee’s a pet subject! 😀 Oh well, down here in India you have the good old ‘half’ coffee or cutting tea, which is basically half a teensy cup of plain old coffee/tea served piping hot! 😛 Variety ho!

  14. Erin

    anyone read Questionable Content ( Faye and Dora could totally own this place…

  15. Wugga-wuggz

    Yah, Faye and Dora belong here.
    If you want to drink coffee, order it. If you want to drink a real drink, you get coffee.
    If you don’t, get out of my office.

  16. Jim

    Too many choices.
    Low fat. No whip. Soy chai. Bah!
    “Grande drip with room.”

  17. Jim

    Too many choices.
    Low fat. No whip. Soy chai. Bah!
    “Grande drip with room.”

  18. K. Taylor

    I honestly don’t blame the average idiot who orders those drinks. I blame the big chains for intentionally burning the crap out of their beans so the coffee tastes awful, and requires chocolate syrup to taste any kind of decent. IMO, good coffee is good black (not that cream or sugar are bad, just saying).

  19. Ramon

    taylor you are so right.

    i always drink my coffee black. the worse it gets the more crap i add into it.

  20. Edana

    Oh…oh god. I am so one of those assholes. Fuck.

    (though at least when I’m not at starbucks I order off the menu instead of demanding a frapuccino.)

  21. usivius

    it’s funny how this strip got the most comments up to this point…

  22. Dorian

    As an Austrian I have to say that we already had crazy coffee variations when Starbucks was just a glint in its fathers eye (as it were). But when you order one of those you just say one, two words maximum, like “melange” or “grosser brauner”.
    Having said that, I have to add that Starbucks had a good foothold in Vienna, for no good reason… until recently. They are closing shop and I cherish the day I got those news.

    For all of you non-austrians out there, though, I guess Starbucks is a good thing. Now you know what coffe was meant to taste like.
    But if you want real good coffee, visit Vienna.

  23. LaTonia

    *tears up* Thank You.

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