the connection
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May 5th, 2004

the connection


  1. Margot

    Hot tattooed comic girls ftw. 😀

  2. Gavin

    That shop does hire some cuuuute cashiers.

    Comics and coffee: contemporary contraband.

  3. Les

    Never underestimate the uses of the barter system.

  4. LesIsMore909

    As Fallout has proven to us, barter will be the predominant form of currency once the bombs fall and the super mutants roam the wastes.

  5. Chris

    Is it just me, or is that The Silver Snail?

  6. Ramon

    that it is.

  7. TypH

    haha nice wish I could have a trade system like that set up, first I would need a local comic shop though haha

  8. Puck


    I agree. Friend / classmate of mine once got flowers in exchange for freshly made ice cream. Barter system rules!

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