return to sender
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July 7th, 2004

return to sender


  1. Jenna

    ohhh… wow…. i would chop my arm off at the elbow..

  2. Cillian

    Rob’s face in this one is absolutely hilarious.

  3. Les

    I think some Psycho music would not be amiss here.

  4. Candi


  5. Chocolatesaa

    Ok please tell me that never ACTUALLY happened…ROFL!!!

  6. HorribleEyeballShoggoth

    ….I never knew a webcomic could make me feel so full of warmth and love.
    Your like somethingpositive but with social skills and better art :O
    ..Dont tell Randy I said that.

  7. MyNameIsNOTUrBusiness

    dun dun DA DA!!! XD

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