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July 14th, 2004



  1. Anelis


  2. Kevin Mack

    This comic strip, the whole thing, is frickin awesome!

  3. Jerricka

    Oh god. Citizen Kane reference? Hahah.

  4. Joel

    Lol, the look in Ramon’s eyes, classic.

  5. kai

    ELL. OH. ELL.

  6. Candi

    Oh god. HE NAMED IT?

  7. Simon

    “Rosebud” is a reference to Citizen Kane.
    The greatest mystery in cinema!

    www . youtube . com/watch?v=jipboWI9uiE
    Rosebud on youtube.

  8. eliza

    i love you, you f*cking pervert.

  9. Makeda

    Ha. Nice.

  10. Jay

    I’ve always hated movies and comics that make a [dirty] joke and just stop.
    This comic just keeps going and going, no matter how strange it gets.
    Thank you.

  11. chris

    Gotta pay that. Lol.

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