Political Rant

Good day my faithful readers.

A rumble returns to the resting rant as I’ve found myself with something to say. That’s correct… I’ve been stirred to action for a cause I’ve deemed worthy for my meager script. It’s a subject much debated but with little resolve. That subject is the mighty giant known as politics. Now my viewpoint may be ineffectual to those of you in the midst of tumultuous regimes or revolutionary change, but the truth should still ring clear. Who do you want to run your country? That is the question folks, and you will make that choice before you hit your polling stations. You will state your opinion in a brief pencil stroke. If enough of you make that little marked decision, you’ll have a head of state handling all your governmental affairs because of your graphite emblazoned seal of approval. The real question is “do you know what you’ve done?”

This is what gets to me the most. Your vote is a powerful asset to those that want to guide your country. I’m not kidding, your vote brings them power to make changes far beyond milk or cream my friends. War, foreign aid, healthcare, minimum wage, taxes and services, these are all laid before them and left to their discretion. You now have to ask yourself what service did they do to earn this power of decision? What miracle did they perform? According to the Bible, Jesus made water into wine, healed the sick, and walked on water. Even with this amazing employment record, he was greeted with an abundance of skepticism. 

We can no longer check the box lightly my friends. Your government is your voice to the rest of your world. Iraq doesn’t care if you recycle, they want to know if your country helped bomb their cities into rubble. Your head of state should represent you because they follow your moral code or feel your ideas are important. You can’t just vote Republican or Liberal because that’s what you have always done. Ask yourself what makes a prime minister or president. It’s not their business savvy. It’s not their charm and good looks (although it seems to help). It’s certainly not their friends and favors, that’s just what gets them into office these days. You’ve got to understand who they are. They are your representative to the outside world. Their face, their policies, their views are what get communicated to those of our global community. What is it from one guy to the next that make them worthy to shoulder the laurels we lay upon them? Only you can decide.

I’m not asking you to pick up every newspaper and scan every political occurrence and agenda. That is a lot of work. What I’m asking you to do is to make sure you know the person you’re giving your faith to.  Pick up a paper once a week, twice during election time, and make sure you know the knights from the knaves. When you pick your governmental workhorse, make sure you’re informed. Leading a country is a job for a great individual and you need to weigh a person to the strictest of measures before you hand them your leash. What have they stood for in the past, who do they associate with, what drove them to lead?

By now many of you have had this rant enter one ear and exit the other, and I’m not surprised. Our societies have bungled through many elections without real thought in our choices. But on every occasion that someone questions the names on the ballot, whether from a news program, newspaper, book, rally or rant, there will be one more fox among the sheep. Just so you know…

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