rob's plea
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February 2nd, 2005

rob's plea


  1. leahrocks.

    Does anyone know if Rob actually got any cereal out of this comic??

    Grand Rapids, MI

  2. Minion

    Not sure, but over here on the east side of the state, I know we only get those two during halloween. If it’s coming from over here, it would have either been 4 months old, or an 8 month wait.

    Ann Arbor, MI

  3. RoscoeFink

    I dunno’ but I feel for him. Here in Idaho, we don’t get ANY of the monster cereals. It sucks.

  4. Sam

    Ptch, you guys on the other side of the pond are lucky! Here in the UK we don’t get ANY monster based cereals! I miss lucky charms!

  5. Howard

    Ahh. yet another good thing about NYC. We have all three, and 4 millon hyper people as a Resolute.

  6. Jim

    Hey, what’s wrong with the werewolf cereal? Don’t it get no love?

    (Oh, I see. Fruit Brute went away in 1982, and Yummy Mummy was only around for 1998-1990. Foo.)

  7. Izzy

    here in Indiana we get all of those monster cereals. we’re just cool like that.

  8. Felinaangeline

    Well, here recently, all I see when we go to the store anymore is that Count Chocula, no more Fraken Berry..and that was yummy stuff I remember eating it when I was little.

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