the dark brew ep2
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June 2nd, 2005

the dark brew ep2


  1. Pan


    I have found a god and his name is coffee tank!

    Great fun of your work Ramón (and I love the name too, ooh so rugged! :P) I love the art of Kukubri and loving the chauvinistic humour of Butternut Squash!

    Great going!

  2. Davey

    i want a coffee-bacta tank…

  3. Kat

    Colombian coffee is the way to go!!

  4. monadancer35

    Soo great! I love the Star Wars play. Soo amazing, guys!! Rock on!!

  5. Shick

    Dude, just started reading. made it here, and literally laughed myself sick. I have SO needed one of those after 46 hours of straight study. You rock man!

    So, where can I buy one???
    mmmmmm…. Columbian…..

  6. Jay Wunk

    Gonna go play Battlefront I and II right now! Thanks guys!

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