frank and beans
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August 10th, 2005

frank and beans


  1. lorelei

    I have never laughed so hard. I think I popped something.

  2. Full Metal Jacket

    LOL wstawa z kiełbom AWESOME

  3. Chocolatesaa

    R O F L!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Tengel

    NO jasne ze kiełbasa, Full Metal Jacket! A CO INNEGO!?

    Sure its kiełbasa, Full Metal Jacket, WHAT ELSE?!

    (Not the best translation. I try.. though. I TRY DAMMIT!)

  5. Secundus

    Rob’s birthday party: 60 bucks. Hair dye to remove white hairs: 20 bucks. Vince’s face in the fifth panel? Priceless.

  6. leryu

    I love finding polish words in comics<3
    Już masz nową fankę, baby ;D

  7. maki

    this webcomic is really shallow and dumb

  8. Ramón

    never claimed to be anything otherwise!


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