talk n' tinkle
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February 15th, 2006

talk n' tinkle


  1. Efrain

    happened to me once, but the guy was talking about pokemon.

  2. Hackenwulf

    Isn’t there an unwritten rule about not talking when standing at the urinals? I mean, c’mon peoples!
    (btw, i plann to use the ‘pee time is me time’ line whenever i can from now on!)

  3. Irish

    Isn’t there a rule about “coupling” at urinals too?

  4. Shade

    Yeah, he’s definitely breaking the 1 3 5 rule there too.

  5. Ilya

    Hah! Thats my new motto… Pee time is me time!

  6. Puck

    Well, I don’t know about guys,, but as a youth at camp when they simply changed the sign on the men’s bathroom to read ‘Women’ we all crowded around to see if one of us could use a urinal successfully.


    Yeah, I never said that.


  7. Raven

    Puck,I’ve heard you gotta crowd the rim (cough cough)

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