smack train!
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March 27th, 2006

smack train!


  1. FalloutGod

    : ) You know what that is for? That’s usually for rolling and not for the look, most people who do the pacifier thing pop tab. If you want it in laymen terms it’s X, or MDMA. When it’s good stuff mixed with some speed you will want to chew on something and sense most people don’t want to grind their teeth down. Well you get the idea, slowly this roller fad grew into a small underground fashion statement. It basically tells you who likes to feel good. Wink wink, nudge nudge. Yeah XD

  2. Tim Wessel

    Yeah, but he was a wigger stooge, he deserved it anyhow…

  3. EA

    Where I’m from, if you see a teenage girl with a pacifier, it means she likes to suck on things. (hint, hint. wink, wink.)

  4. Amaranth

    Regardless of if he’s an E-head raver or a moronic wigger, he still deserved a slap for having his hair bleached a lighter colour than his spray-tanned skin.

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