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April 4th, 2006

who's on first?


  1. Vassago

    The gem quote he busted out is an amazing quote.

    I don’t know if it yours or not, but i seriously love it.

    [i just now started reading your work]

  2. Ramon

    welcome to the fold vassago!

    been a while since we penned this one, so i’m not sure of the exact details, but vince’s line is actually an ancient proverb. from what culture though, i can’t recall.

  3. Vassago

    I looked it up, and it’s one of those vague “chinese proverbs” every one tells.

    cause if you cant find the author, he is probably chinese.

  4. Secundus

    Love the last panel! Diabolical!

  5. whhhaaa?

    goddammit vince’s arm “hair” creeps me the fudge out

  6. Ram贸n

    he is a creepy guy. so it’s appropriate 馃槢

  7. Puck

    I love the look on ‘your’ face in the last panel. Devious.

  8. Samuraiartguy


    Wandered over from the beautiful and surreal Kukuburi. (Yum!)

    And have seriously been sniggering for the past hour clibming the archive… but nearly frakkin’ wet myself … “We just have to wait till it’s funny.” Diabolical!

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