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November 17th, 2006



  1. Nat

    Don’t you hate it when that happens?

  2. Theo

    I have a horrible fear of Barbers after having this happen one to many times….

  3. Ramon

    don’t even get me started…

  4. Aveline

    Ha! Poor Ramon. That’s why I started shunning barbers. You could shun barbers as well Ramon … long hair looks great on Spaniards. 😀

  5. Pat Reynolds

    Barbers should not make much money.

  6. Sari

    Yeah. This is why I cut my own hair. That and unless I bring in a specific picture and be very insistant, I can’t seem to get a stylist who will cut it in any way apart from this one style. I swear I have no idea how they all manage to know — I tell them to have fun and do whatever they’d like, but it always comes out looking the same. Even in Japan! Honestly. At least the haircuts there inspired me, so once I got home I could change it up.
    On a completely unrelated note — love the comics! Trundled over from Danielle’s link. 🙂

  7. trin

    Bloody french people…
    bloody hair ‘artists’…
    It took me 7 years to find a good hair stylist and I found it a week before I moved across the country.

    Love your comic, btw. Absolutely love it.

  8. Marrock

    Folks have died for less…

  9. Deedee

    Hey I like that haircut 🙂

  10. chris

    You look good man

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