a man of few words
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December 14th, 2006

a man of few words


  1. Elea Otzar

    I was not aware that Cola is a pitbull!
    Don’t you love to see stereotype shattering?

  2. Tove

    It makes me sad in the Uk Pitbulls are illegal 🙁 . I want a Cola! Luckily I have Roxie the Staffie!!

  3. DrunkenMessiah

    That’s exactly why you get yourself an “American Staffordshire Terrier” instead. My girlfriend has one, his name is Brick, comes from a good line all fancy with papers and stuff. They look, act and love just like pit bulls, but come from American lines. (Pit bulls are UKC, Amstaffs are AKC). Greatest dogs on the planet they are, bar none.

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