cola, may she rest in peace.
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February 15th, 2007

cola, may she rest in peace.

she was an old girl, 14 years old to be as acurate as possible. you see vince adopeted cola through the toronto humane society. i know everybody says it, but she was one of the friendliest pups around. so full of love.

she was vinces sweet ginger pony nipple kitten, though in recent years the name ‘snow pony’ would be better applied as her ginger hairs turned white. she passed away from old age earlier this week. so rather than some funny this week, we thought we’d take a moment and bow our heads to the best lady in town.


  1. Fuel

    Nice tribute, she looks like she was a great companion

  2. joan

    I hope she is in a better place. My dog died recently too, he was the greatest.

  3. Bella Cullen


  4. Rose

    :[ Sorry to hear, she was my favorite character :[ awww

  5. Noamh

    aww! i just adopted a pit bull puppy from the humane society and she is amazing

  6. Jaime

    I hadn’t read Butternut in awhile, linked over from Girls w/slingshots and started through the archives again… I’m so sorry about Cola! 🙁

  7. Karen

    Same as Jaime, I linked over here from Girls w/ slingshots not having read this in awhile. It seems like Cola was a great dog. Sorry to hear about her 🙁 It’s been a long time since my pitbull died and I still miss her.

  8. Mysti

    I just started reading this comic tonight and grew so attached to her that I almost started crying… Beautiful tribute though. 🙂

  9. Aveline

    Cutest. Pitbull. Ever. What a sweet tribute. Cola was my favorite character too, she reminds me so much of my “nephew.”

  10. Bruce A

    RIP Cola. 🙁

  11. Crista

    Never knew her, don’t need to know her to shed a tear. Anyone that’s ever owned a pet would feel the same way. Those that don’t have animals, just don’t understand.

  12. Thomas

    So long little girl. Maybe God sent your soul to another doggie to give love and laughter to someone else.

  13. Neslei

    Aww. Condolences. She was my favorite character in this comic strip. She’s the cutest, ever! So sad now…

  14. Soloman

    omjg ……Right after I’ve read the finance joke I got over here and see this.. Poor Cola….R.I.P

  15. SilverDogg

    my condolences. beautiful tribute.

  16. LIAM!

    this saddened me, pets can be our best friends and cola looks like she had some great ones as well!

  17. Lily

    I just found this comic yesterday (May 7, 2009) and I love it so far. She was a very beautiful girl. I’m very sorry to hear that she is gone. 🙁

  18. Lex

    Been belly laughing my way through the archives having just discovered you guys.

    My heart just broke a little.

    Ok, a lot.

  19. eliza

    i was so happy to finally see pictures of her! broke my heart to see she died.

  20. GerryB

    Always a sad loss. A lovely tribute, and moreso that she’s immortalised in eternal comic form for the world to see.

  21. moodbear

    I just discovered this cool ass comic. Surfing the archives I come across Cola’s tribute and my laughter turned to sorrow. What a beautiful soul I see. I know we all love Cola and she has touched us all in such a cosmic way. RIP Cola.

  22. mika

    so sad 🙁


    I just started through the archives today, 06-17-11. This is already one of my top 5 webcomics, out of about a hundred. I laughed (most all of the strips), I cried (that would be today), and… well, I don’t really have that many emotions. Sorry for your loss, even if it is 4 years late…

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