the cuckoos nest
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March 1st, 2007

the cuckoos nest


  1. keyka

    Birds will peck out your eyes… for real!

  2. Fuel

    A pigeon killed my mother…it’s true

  3. Candi

    My stepmom has a fear of bats. She thinks they have nothing better to do than to fly into your hair. When we camp, and it gets dark, she actually huddles by the camp fire with her own special “bat stick” my sister made for her.

  4. Tengel

    “Birds will peck out your eyes… for real!”

    Yup. It is. Crows would peck out the eyes of hanged robbers/murderers, when they still used hanging as a punishment, of course.

    I know things.

  5. Puck

    My bird just likes to groom me – which was a problem when I had a skin tag on my eyelid. So I guess ‘peck out your eyes’ is apt…. More like pull your eyelids off.

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