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March 28th, 2007


i just had to do it. i know it’s sad and cruel, but rusty’s narcolepsy makes me laugh to no end. i think rusty will be revisiting butternut!

rusty the narcoleptic dog / click to play

oh sweet rusty, why do you amuse me so…


  1. Frannie

    That cracks me up so bad. It’s cruel and sad, yes, it is so. But so cute, too! Your comic cracks me up even more than the clip, ese!

  2. Arnold

    i love this strip its hella’ funny yet completey awesome w/ a slight touch of how u would say ”cuteness”, i just love the fact that he is happy all care free and all, definetly want to c more of him

  3. Fuel

    Don’t forget about the fainting goats…they make me giggle

  4. Anna

    Oh my god!!!! I’ve seen this clip before! I was sick and watching the animal channel… freakin’ hysterical, made me feel so much better :p Thanks, dude!

  5. Serena

    what a perfect illustration of my brain at school!

  6. Jim

    The funniest/worst part about this is that the clip won’t play right for me in Win Safari. It plays a few seconds, then halts, then jumps ahead to another part, then halts again.

    The clip itself has narcolepsy.

  7. Parrot

    Oh god oh god oh god. I want to feel sorry for him..
    But that’s the CUTEST THING EVER.


  8. Throbkin

    ROFL! It’s…BWAH! HA! HA!..the tongue!! that is wodnerful!

  9. Cheshiremiko

    so this made me laugh hell hard cuz the puppy reminds me of me!

  10. mika

    that is too cute!!!

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