drinkin' buddies!
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May 25th, 2007

drinkin' buddies!

greetings all.

thinks have been a little bit crazy here, with work and conventions, hence the bi-weekly updates for the past month. i always think i can tackle it all every summer – and every year i fail. you’d think i’d learn.

as you can see i’ve changed up the site using wordpress and comicpress to make it a little cleaner and easier to use on my end. i haven’t changed up all of the site yet, so if you’re new and want ot read older butternut hit the link above to the old site and peruse to your hearts delight.

to help me get through the summer with my head and health intact i will be taking butternut onto a biweekly basis for the next month or so. probably till the end of july. this weeks update will be going up tomorrow, so please be patient.

also, if you’re in toronto, come visit us at the toronto paradise comicon this weekend!


  1. Chris

    Holy cow!

  2. ..::beep::..

    …what the…

  3. Naomi

    NEWWWWWWWWW! Smells like spring cleany lemon!

  4. Jtm

    Love the new site design. Clean, cool. Your work is worth the wait. Ain’t easy juggling everything these days. It’s been a ball-buster spring, no doubt.

  5. Daniel

    This sure is a change from the previous site, but to be honest it does look much cleaner this way, except for the unused links at the top, but i imagine those will be filled in/setup when time permits 😉
    All in all, i’d say keep up the great work, and hope you get to have some fun at the comicon.

  6. Onefalsemove

    So Rob’s been catatonic for over a year now?!?! WTF?!?!

  7. the_wakeful

    Hey! News! Anything is better than the deafening silence that has dominated this site for the last couple weeks.

  8. Senksis

    Glad to see that bns didn’t simply die quietly. What a relief actually something’s happening…

  9. Lar

    Nice to see some activity 🙂 I’ll be sure to say ‘hi’ at the con.


  10. Dr Carruthers

    Now we can comment on each strip (:

  11. Ramon

    That’s what I’m afraid of…

  12. Dr Carruthers

    Mwhhaaahaahaaa, we will spam you to death 😉

  13. Fuel

    If I ever get up to Canada in the near future I’m looking you guys up

  14. Grant

    Liked the very subtle hands crossed over the dogs head as Rob barfs, then pops back up in the final panel.

  15. Matt K

    “Blarf” might just be the best onomatopeia (im sure thats spelled wrong) ever, IMHO.

  16. Coolaggio

    Is Cola covering her head with her paws in that third panel?

  17. Trevino28Jodi

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