a sad little man
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June 8th, 2007

a sad little man

…and now time to rush off to the convention!


  1. Naomi

    At least you don’t have herpes. Be happy!

  2. Jesse

    Well. At least you didn’t pass out and get a ride in an ambulance today. That was lame. Oh yeah… and Herpes.

  3. jeff

    I enjoyed your machinations of doom book.

  4. AJ

    well at least you don’t have blue balls

  5. JarasM

    I feel ya man, I feel ya…

  6. Rik

    Why have sex if you can update BNS ^_^

  7. Le Big Mac

    So the condoms have expiry dates? Oh well… *throws ’em all out*

  8. essmon

    Hey, new layout!
    s’good, especially the site looks cleaner now. In fact, it’s a bit standardish/boring, but LESS CLUTTER! WOHOO!

  9. DhAkael

    Been there, done that.
    It’s a very sad day when, yes, you do find out the condom HAS expired.
    Thankfully, that hasn’t been an issue for nearly 7 years.

    On to other things; Good work on ‘Machinations of doom’. Was ammused by the write ups of the cast.

    Also, are the forums gonna return, or are they dead dead dead like GW Bush’s approval rating?

  10. vinduskarm

    I can still remember the time when i actually needed my bag of condoms…..
    No, I’m lying, there never was such a time 🙁

  11. Dudewithface

    Hey, I love BNS but I don’t use Internet Explorer and since your new site has come up I haven’t figured out a way to view your comics. I was wondering if you were going to make the site a little more Firefox friendly. Thanks

  12. Rob

    Yes unfortunately due to a overload of scam phishing sites trying to populate our forums we thought it would be easier to protect you the readers by closing it off. With this new format you can now comment directly on the board. YAY!

  13. Senksis

    FCS, how could you possibly pass on coffee?!

  14. Lee Cherolis

    Yes! New BNS and new site! I do agree it is your standard wordpress fare but I myself have been turned to the blog side by WordPress’s siren call. Theres just something about a clean functional comic site that turns me over.

    Woops! That should have been easier to stop before typing that.

  15. Quaggie

    At least you didn’t leave the Toronto Comicon to find your car with an extremely flat tire…

    ALSO: Oh em gee! UR comix are toatly awesum! i

  16. Cameron

    >>>At least you don’t have herpes. Be happy!

  17. Bill Angus

    Dudewithface – it displays/functions fine in Firefox (Mac) & Safari for me… is the problem with Firefox for PC?

  18. Lee Cherolis

    Yeah, no problem with Firefox viewing here. The sites just as orange as the last time I looked at it.

  19. Darren J. Gendron

    Bang-up job on the new layout. I’m still poking around it.

  20. Bittenbydesign

    Five years?
    That’s like being a virgin again. By the time you get to do it, you are going to be all fumbled with it.

    On the comments sideof things, I find I am more likely to contribute with comments than trawling through a forum. (that and I can never remember logins amd passwords)

  21. Cameron

    Hmm. My comment got truncated. It was intended to be as follows:

    “At least you don’t have herpes. Be happy!”

    Now Naomi, you should know never to make assumptions.

  22. Naomi

    I know, I know… But I assume seeing as how he supposedly [I]uses[/I] condoms, then he must not have herpes. At least genital herpes… Oh man, this just keeps getting worse…

  23. KFrosty

    Sexless for 5 years?… At least you don’t have… no, wait, Being sexless is worse than Herpes…

    Hey at least you have Pornography!

  24. Bittenbydesign

    well, you know what they say… Porn is good for you!

  25. Rob

    Quick not to All you out there… Condoms do not protect against herpes or Genital warts unless the breakouts are located on the penis head or shaft or inside the vaginal canal. Most breakouts will tend to form around the pubic area. That’s why foreplay is important, not only does it get the engine revving, it’s also good to see what’s under the hood.

  26. Igor_P

    YES! This is why this comic is awesome. Entertaining, and full of information you can take away with you.

    Solid job guys.

  27. Mistress Mayhem

    Sexual education has always been a standard in the industry, and these guys are just on top of their game.

    On other notes, at least it wasn’t a torn or pierced condom and he got to use it…can we imagine a little Ramon Jr. running around out in the world?!?!? EGADS!

  28. Frode

    Well at least you are not married to someone with herpes…

  29. Wonka

    and now its time for a Valtrex commercial!

    “I have herpes”
    “and i dont”
    “and we want it to stay that way”


  30. Jesse

    I was commenting about my roommate’s cat by the way. Apparently he has feline herpes… he was really cranky today.

  31. Fuel

    Hey, if you don’t use a condom it can’t fail…that’s a plus-side, right?

  32. Ricardo

    Y tal vez tengas algo de pelos en las manos 😀 (a funny little joke in spanish)

  33. V

    Oh, the sadness!

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