the passionate man
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July 5th, 2007

the passionate man

i’d like to give a shout out to my friend claudia who has started her own webcomic titled LUZ, GIRL OF THE KNOWING. please go check it out and give her your support!

also, as of this instalment bns is back to weekly updates. for those of you who were unawares, with my summer workload and conventions we decided to go bi-weekly for may and june. regardless we’re back to every thursday now! cheers.


  1. Naomi

    I conclude that Guitar Hero’s “Cowboys from Hell” by Pantera is impossible, and nothing else compares.

  2. Onefalsemove

    Blah Blah Blah Rob still in a coma? blah Blah Blah….

  3. Onefalsemove

    Story go poof………

  4. KitAdrian

    y’know.. changing from 2 updates a week to one update a week is all fine and dandy… but what’s the point of making the distinction when you couldn’t make the goal of 2 a week all summer?

  5. Ramon

    uhm, bi-weekly means once every two weeks. not twice a week.

  6. Augie

    HAHAHAHA… Dumb ass! Two a week is [possible but] nuts! Well, it’s nuts if you want ARTWORK that is actually worth looking at. I’m sure I could post once a day if I was posting stick figures. That’s just what the internet needs. Another “comic artist” posting stick figures. [No offence to Cyanide and Happiness. Dave and Rob are funny as hell! @ ]

    Wooooo for passionate men… gotta love some guitar fury!!!!

    Btw- how long IS the Robster gonna be incoherent? I miss his machismo… well, I miss him at least.

    AugieJacque @ AIM is ya got something to say.


  7. Jesse

    So people and math Ramon. They just… yeah.

    Nice to see a new one man, I know you’re a busy guy!

  8. Lee Cherolis

    Sweet! I love the colors in the second row backgrounds.
    Rob wins the award for worlds longest double-take.

    Claudia’s got fantastic art. Thanks for the link.

  9. KFrosty

    On a completely different note, when do you think Vince will start looking for Cola?

  10. dcorsetto

    Woohoo! New BNS! And yay for Ms. Claudia!


  11. Willie!

    That you’re even making these strips is enough, man. BNS is some quality grade A webcomic and I tihnk it’s awesome of you to try to get as much of it as you can in between your real workload- bi-weekly or otherwise.

    Lookin forward to more!

  12. Rob

    Don’t worry guys, Ill be back non-comatose soon…. but how they get me out…? You can guess but you’ll probably be wrong. 😉

  13. Naomi

    I figure showing him a little boob action would do the trick.

  14. ramón

    bah! rob is boob desencitized to boobies…

  15. Cameron

    Ramon says: “bah! rob is boob desencitized to boobies…”

    Dude, are you drunk?

  16. Naomi

    “bah! rob is boob desencitized to boobies…”

    What else would he be “boob desensitized” to? What about Ramon? That’s a bad thing to be desensitized to.

  17. Phil C

    I dunno, I’m still entertained to this day by Rob’s constant expression of utter horror…

  18. Ramon

    i blame my repetition on fatigue.

  19. Rob

    With the boobs always at eye level for me, I’m not nearly as taken aback as most of my fellow males when presented with them.

  20. Naomi

    That is indeed a sad tale. Interesting, but sad. Boobs have a hypnotic effect on me, and I am a straight female. They are just so…round…

  21. BergenskGuru

    Need more comic, freakin now! Start working dudes! Bldy freeezzin hell! Oh yea, u wanna money to publish regular twicea day??? Name yre prize… huw mutzh mia gonna hawto steel??? Cmon, dude!

  22. Ramon

    these are the times were i wish blog posts came with subtitles…

  23. Darm

    A kiss from the redhead to wake up the Sleeping Beauty. 😉

  24. Alex

    The TV is showing Guitar Hero 1. This is both inaccurate and ruining my experience.

  25. Ramon

    darm, now that would’ve been the classic choice… we’re anything but classy.

  26. Raven

    Um, I don’t think Guitar Hero 1 has Freebird on it? I could be wrong.

  27. Ramon

    i can’t believe where this conversation is spiraling!


    freebird is on guitar hero 2 which is on the xbox, however i could not find screen caps of guitar hero 2. life’s tough sometimes.

  28. Pirengle

    So when’s Sydney getting back from Europe? It’s either Sydney or bacon–or maybe Sydney WITH bacon–that’s gonna pull Rob back together.

  29. Raven

    Sorry, my bad. I’m only familiar with the PS2 version (I should really check these things before I open my big honkin’ mouth). Consider me mightily corrected.

    Keep the great comics comin’

  30. Skatey

    Well I just want everyone to know I got 5 stars on Free Bird. EXPERTS B)

  31. Arnold

    holy hell this comic ROX if i needed a energy boost then that would be the most wicked way to do it !!
    taking a stab at it i bet rob comes back in some mellowed out way that no one will expect becuse it seems that everyone else guessed that it is goin to be some sexual thing that will do the trick o_o

  32. Fuel

    I must say, thank you Naomi…it’s nice to know girls can be fascinated with boobs as well.

    Frets on Fire is my game and I feel like one day I’m going to break my keyboard playing Texas Flood on Amazing…try it, your fingers will hurt

  33. god of all

    Srry posted a little late by y the %^^#%@#$# r u talking about breasts?

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