knockin' on heaven's door
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July 19th, 2007

knockin' on heaven's door


  1. Naomi

    Once you go black you never go back. That limit’s the selection. It’s just better not to.

  2. MajorTom

    Ahahaha I want the first panel on my wall
    Why can I not find a hat like that?

  3. Lee Cherolis

    I wonder,
    would the results have been the same,
    if Ramon still had his mane.

  4. koji

    Haha! He looks so hopeful in the first panel.

  5. Kris

    That second-panel facial expression is my normal state of being. ^_^

  6. laglesine


    I’m visiting your website. There’s very nice comic’strip.
    very interesting. Thank

  7. Meg

    Poor Ramon. At this point you’d figure the guys would chip in and buy you a hooker or convince a gal friend to give you a mercy fuck.

  8. Jessica


    If only..

  9. Anon

    Ramon needs moar desu, then he will get the vagoo he craves.

  10. Ryan

    Ramon, there’s so many fish in the sea!!! Go get a fish and enjoy it’s pleasures….’cause the ladies ain’t bitin’.

    I may have to draw that now.

  11. Arnold

    i love the fact that he has an undieing will to keep trying, he’ll snap his babe one day

  12. Stephanie

    Oh really, only once? Well my three children and I beg to differ.

  13. Rob

    Wait are you saying you’ve had three kids with Ramon? Cuz seriously… he usually lets me know when this kind of stuff happens to him.

  14. JayCee

    Poor Ramon. Poor creepy empty eyes Ramon.

  15. JayCee

    And I just noticed you got Return To Sender on the links. I still go there once or twice a month to see if if thas been updated.

  16. soggyfritter

    Sweet! A “Ramon’s Anonymour Love Children” arc may be in our future!

  17. Effin' Bartlett

    My God….. I thought that I was the king of the mercy-fuck.

  18. Stephanie

    What? An arc about my nonexistent children that I never had with Ramon? *or anyone else for that matter* How Looney.

  19. Steve

    Moar Desu… A certain Je Ne Sais Quoi? Or are you saying he needs one green eye and one red? Ramon totally needs heterochromia.

  20. Fuel

    He should have gone after Sydney when he had a chance…oh well, there are other coffee shops in the city, right?

  21. Mars

    Love the second panel.

  22. Dev Kanchen

    ^Echo. TOTALLY loved the second panel! 😀

  23. Scotto

    For all those wanting a hat like Ramon’s: try Cuba. Fidel’s probably got five hundred of ’em.


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