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July 26th, 2007



  1. Branson

    Hahah, that’s Hi-Larious! The game is strong with this one!

  2. Senksis

    You can leave your hat on… ;o)

  3. Albert

    I’m loving all the GH references.
    I think I have a new favorite character.

    Loving the strip guys!

  4. Ozoneocean

    H! I’m glad you guys are updating again! BNS is as funny as ever. It’d be nice if Rob came around eventually though.

  5. Kris

    I’m telling girls that I’m a guitar hero. For the rest of my life.

  6. Piper

    what the heck is t.c.b?
    and yeah, im doing that too. forever.

  7. Naomi

    Does he wear his hat during sex too? Andy is silly.

  8. Ramon

    looks like andy’s getting a few fans!

    and as for tcb, it’s what elvis called his band: taking care of business. he also wore a ring with tcb emblazoned on it.

  9. michaela

    Nothing says class like a Sabbath poster above a guy’s bed.
    No offence Ramon and Rob…but I think Andy is my new favourite guy.

  10. AJ

    once again, amazing…

    could he be the first to get laid specifially because he plays a small plastic guitar?

  11. Nealson Lewison

    i really love bns.. wish the guys had time to do more than one a week

  12. Jeanette

    Was this character inspired by the character Andy Capp? I mean, his cap isn’t plaid…but his name IS Andy and the cap is usually covering his face…

    Perhaps it’s just mere coincidence and only I’ve thought about this allusion.

    Anyways– great comic! Very humorous!! Always keeps me laughing! Yay!

  13. BergenskGuru

    Cute one

  14. Bill Angus

    No, Andy’s inspired by a real guy…. and he wears that hat all the time.

  15. Jeanette

    Haha, ok.

    I know it was a pretty farfetched connection…I just wanted to be sure.

  16. KDUB

    I would buy a t-shirt with this comic printed on it

  17. Lee Cherolis

    Do you want the hat on or off?


    Too bad.

  18. keyka

    I like it… i really, really like it. You captured my angry, confused expression of my brow… Good job keep it up… ; )

  19. memphis

    that owns my life.
    …i agree with “KDUB”, i’d buy this on a tshirt.

  20. Effin' Bartlett


  21. Roscoe

    Hey, Lee Cherolis,
    I just had to let you know, I get it, and it’s pretty funny.

    As for the T-Shirt thing, I don’t play guitar hero, I think is too much like D.D.R. and even I would still wear that Shirt
    Because it is hilarious.

  22. Al Quesada

    Good one.

  23. Bill Angus

    Don’t get me wrong, Jeanette – that was a great visual pick-up (as soon as I read your post I saw it) – it just happened to be wrong. Great eye, though.

  24. Fuel

    If I weren’t married I’d try that Guitar Hero line…guess I could still try it seeing as my geekiness turns my wife on. Results to follow

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