communication barrier
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August 3rd, 2007

communication barrier

sorry for the late update this week. being away at the san diego comicon last week and fighting the heat and jet lag it’s been a tiring week. with todays comic we’re mere steps away from rob making it back into the fold, so stay tuned in the coming weeks as we bring our bacon fetishist back to the land of the living…

also if you have a moment check out tauhid bondia’s GOOD SHIP CHRONICLES. the comic is just starting off, but it looks exceptionally promising!


  1. Vogel


    muahhaahahhaahha, can’t stop laughing @ last panel, so great!

    keep up the great work,

    cu, Vogel

  2. Mondo Kane

    After Andy’s rendition of Freebird, I doubt he’ll be impressing the lady with a 96% score playing Jordan…

    Loving the strip, guys 🙂

  3. Naomi

    Nothing says good morning quite like morning wood.

  4. Piper

    i dont get the last panel really…
    however, i cant wait till andy gets back and i hope he embarrasses himself.
    dude dsnt even look like he could handle a real guitar, freaking poser =P

  5. Lee

    don’t get last panel either…whose shouting ‘…not a lamp…’?

  6. Senksis

    She is…

  7. Jessica

    The only person in the room..?

    She’s adorable.

  8. Chris C.

    hahah “thats not a lamp” *covers up chest with shirt.

  9. delilah

    i just love this comic!


    Guys, a little disapointed, in all those panels you could have given us one small panty shot !!! lol

    All joking aside, the strips been GREAT !!! Nice work guys !!! =)

  11. Chris C.

    what if she’s not wearing any.

  12. Vins

    what!?! it’s not a lamp!!! but! i was sure! and now….haaa crap! X_X

  13. Lee Cherolis

    It’s a Rob lamp, and she just realized it. Whats not to get?

    FINALLY! Rob is found!

  14. Effin' Bartlett


  15. Rob

    You spelled boring wrong.

  16. Rob

    Think of it as foreplay to a bigger sexual picture… it’s getting there…

  17. Onefalsemove

    why is rob catatonic? it’s been so long i don’t remember anymore. like 2 years too long i think.

  18. Chris C.

    because he slept with sydney and thought it was brunhilda and ran out of the bedroom before she could come in with coffee for round four. and then ramon and the others found out and weren’t going to tell him but then when they were planning the devious suprise rob was standing behind them the whole time. and then he screamed and the whole universe heard it.

  19. Chris C.

    heh even namor and bor.

  20. Chris C.


  21. Viv

    I love Cola in the last frame…..
    well, I just love Cola!

  22. Fuel

    Good rundown, Chris C…

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