three kings?
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August 9th, 2007

three kings?


  1. Jessica

    Noooo, don’t cut THE HAIR.

  2. Madden

    YES!!! ROCK THE ELVIS DEUX!! I triple dog dare you.

  3. Naomi

    Yer the cutest no matter what. Just don’t frost the hair.

  4. Marc

    Wish I was in Toronto…

  5. Thomas

    why is colonel sanders cutting your hair?

  6. Piper

    i wonder if you really did get your hair done ‘elvis’ style
    is that why you’re showing us this?
    its okay ramon….its okay..

  7. David Riches

    Ahh It’s August! It’s when summer reruns wind down to the cliffhangers for the new fall season. So will Rob snap out of his catonic state? Will Ramon realize where Rob is? Will Cola continue to operate under the name of Lucky? Will Ramon ever get “Lucky”? Will Ramon’s request for the Elvis be the G.I. Haircut? Toon in next week, Same Butternut time! Same Squash channel! For the further Adventures of the Butternut Squash Army!*

    *pending continued flow of the world and the space-time continuim time pending of course! I can hardly wait to see where this goes…..

  8. Vins


  9. Cillian

    I think your hair looks grand. Although I suppose it is in comic form, perhaps the real thing is a bit of a mess?

  10. ramón

    heh, thanks cillian. if my hair did what it did, when short, in the strip i’d be happy. however it has a curly mind of it’s own that i am unable to capture…

    but all is good now.

  11. Effin' Bartlett

    Why is he taking advice from a young Ronald Reagan?

  12. Rob

    That’s Dean Martin, Ramon’s spiritual guide. Somewhat like Evan’s spiritual guide Tony Danza, but a better singer.

  13. Fuel

    You know, I kind of see Reagan in that strip as well…fortunately, I knew better because I can remember the first strip with Dean-o

  14. Billy

    is that colonel sanders cutting his hair??

  15. Puck

    The way you sip your tea?

    That reference is too much to hope for, I think.

  16. Allan

    I read your strip weekly but I’m a newcomer and just catching up now. That’s Gus the Other Barber, isn’t it?

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