broken telephone
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August 16th, 2007

broken telephone


  1. Amy


    Theres nothing more to say really.

  2. eugeneius

    Ugh… I’ve only just realised the guy in the hat is NOT Ramon. Now I need to go back and read the entire archive so it makes more sense :\

  3. Mondo Kane

    “Are you raping my lamp?” – priceless.

    Poor Rob, missing out on the view through being comatose – here’s to having him reanimated soon 馃檪

  4. Chris

    haha, his face in the second last panel is just hysterical…
    And in all the time it took the guys to get to the flat, did the chick not think to put on any trousers?

  5. Name Masta Name

    He must be woken by the world’s best zing. or fart joke.

  6. Piper

    Look at his face lol
    priceless indeed.

  7. Jonathan

    Man. If that view doesn’t wake up Rob, I’m not sure what will.

  8. Jen Mathis

    “Delayed reveal” on Ramon’s hair…love it.

    Can’t wait to see what the barber has unleashed upon his mojo. ;P

  9. Serife

    But what about Ramon’s hair…..?

  10. wwwww

    I hope Rob is enjoying his view nevertheless

  11. Senksis

    Which reminds me… Why didn’t Krista recognize Cola in the first place? I mean besides that she was introduced to her as Lucky…

  12. Piratized

    I love how you can’t see Ramones new doo, I hope it’s groovy!

  13. Tristan

    Man, in the second last panel the dude really reminds me of Andy Capp. No chin, big nose, salt & pepper hat.

    Awesome strip as always!


  14. Ryukai

    what the hell is the green thing? and how does he/she/it relate to the story?

    also, that must be some view indeed!! can’t wait to see the hair…

  15. Ramon


    that would be uncle o’grimacy.

    he’s one of insomnia’s barflies, much like dino and rod serling, he’s just a littl more belligerent.

    in regards to krista, well… uhm… y’know sharp tools n’ sheds and all…

  16. Kris

    In regards to Krista… When does the nudity happen?

    Love the hookers and blow line… Just love it.

  17. Chris C.

    man, you think rob’s still in comatose when he’s looking up krista’s shirt, or is he pulling their legs like that guy on ferris bueler’s day off haha.

  18. keyka

    Krista didn’t put trousers on cause she just finished sleeping with a rock star, whom is doing her laundry, and well… pretty sure she was planning on having more sex with him, that is before she found robbie of course. Plus chris they live within a block radius. Recognize cola? helloooo…….! krista is a nice innocent princess angel (who shags rock stars), and believes that people are just like her and the world is pretty pink.
    Sharp tools n’ sheds….. ramon you’re gonna be comatose next time i see ya.

    all and all luving it … now wake him the fuck up…. i miss him!

  19. ram贸n

    see sharpest tool of them all!

    …and now she’s kill me with it 馃檪

  20. Darren

    Best BNS strip ever!

  21. David Riches

    I bet you got an Elvis army haircut to go with the BNS Army.
    As for Krista who’s to say she isn’t wearing panties while waiting for her Jeans to dry. Denim does take a while to dry. The room full of Hookers is that from Robocop The Musical or Doctor Detroit the Stage Play? I can hardly wait to see Guitar Hero become Rock Stud to “Can he play a real note of Music?” I wonder if anyone will understand last week’s three kings referrences or how many reads through to understand the broken telephone concept? Man there is a lot going on here……

  22. Ryukai

    now i remember uncle o’grimacy!! for some reason he reminds me of the cookie monster on his day off…

  23. bob

    I have just got to comment how damn strong Krista is. She is supporting almost all of Rob’s weight in that last panel. And Rob’s a pretty hefty looking dude too. She must be extremely buff to be able to do that. I mean, wow.

  24. Piper

    thing is….i dont remember krista… it just my amnesia?

  25. Piper

    now that i remember krista, how could she not recognise cola?!

  26. Redenmity

    For everyone wondering how Krista couldn’t recognize Cola – she does initially. She says “OMIGOD! Cola??” when she first meets Andy + Cola, and he corrects her by saying her name is Lucky. She probably just figured she was mistaken and that it was a different dog of the same breed.

  27. kkk

    yeah, and the same dog tag…

  28. Rob

    Well I know I usually take an owner by their word before trying to hold a dog steady and read it’s itty bitty printed name tag. Plus in reality Krista did not really ever see Cola often in real life…mainly in photos. But the truth is the idea of making love to an honest to god rockstar.. nay, an honest to god GUITAR HERO!!!!…may have swayed her focus from Cola’s perky presence.

  29. Mondo Kane

    Hell, *I’d* by swayed to make with the horizontal mambo for a Guitar Hero – who the Hell wouldn’t?
    I’d probably expect a solo or two first though…

  30. Dominic Bugatto

    Really been enjoying these strips. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back often.

    Cheers, Dom

  31. KFrosty

    This strip almost makes me wanna go comatose for a year

    wait, did I say “almost”, i meant to say “really”

  32. Fuel

    Just discovered this comic a few days ago and I already feel like I’ve been a fan since the beginning…keep ’em coming and I’ll keep coming back.

    Also, women with no pants wearing an oversized mens shirt is so very hot

  33. Flying_Monkey

    I think my favorite part is the annoyed look on the blue-haired store clerk’s face. (other than Rob’s view, of course.) He can tell our “hero” is a twat.
    Poor Cola sure had to work hard to get our sweet girl to realize all was not right with this picture.

  34. MagPie

    why, exactly do you not have you own spot on some late night cartoon show? *cough*cartoon network*cough* your strip would be a hell of a lot funnier then some of the shows they throw together

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