fingers of fury!
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August 23rd, 2007

fingers of fury!

a big thanks to everybody who came out to see us at TCAF this past weekend, because of you we had a fantastic show!

this weekend see’s us attending the fanexpo! we will be located at table A129.

unfortunately due to an excesive work load, rob and i will only be attending the show on friday and saturday. my apologies to anyone who had planned to come just for the sunday.

also friday at 5pm in room 715A i will be speaking, along with cameron stewart, andy belanger, karl kerschl, scott hepburn, brian mclachlan, michael cho and kalman andraszofsky on the TRANSMISSION X panel moderated by our very own rob coughler!

just before TCAF my new webcomic KUKUBURI premiered under the transmission-x banner, check it out if you have a moment!

ps/ just so some of you don’t think you’re crazy… about an hour or two rob and i decided to rework the dialogue to better translate our attempt at making the funny 馃檪


  1. Entropic Voight

    A ‘Bull Blowin’ Pedro’ reference, I take it?

  2. Mondo Kane

    Foot tickles… oh, you tease!

  3. W.Ashton

    I gotta say, i just discovered this comic about a week or two ago and after reading the first few i just had to read it all the way through. This is some damn good stuff here. I really enjoy this site. I look foward to more entries and i hope rob gets out of his coma soon, he’s one of my favorites.

  4. thomas b.

    greetings from germany
    it’s 5:35 am and i’am so fucking drunk
    it’s a wonder that i can hit those fucking keys and even speak english
    i just came home from the volkspark (berlin) where a storm just started
    i’am so fucking soppy right now and i have nothing else to do writing a comment @ one of the nicest webcomics i know

    love ur work


  5. Fuel

    My feet are ticklish, that definitely would have gotten me out of a coma. Ofcourse, so would the thing that you wanted us to think she was doing…

  6. Ramon

    entopic, sorry to throw you off…

    mondo, yes we like to tease 馃槈

    welcome aboard ashton!

    fuel you’ve gone post it crazy!!

    and thomas… awesome, simply awesome.

  7. Chris

    If it had been the other, I’d’ve woken briefly then died again. Ah, La Petit Mort!

  8. Senksis

    Get back that redhaired wonderwoman! Please! She can’t stay in Europe for ever! It’s just… Robs deserves her – like all of us do… kind of… ;o) Greetings from an un-drunk German.

  9. graham

    ill have you know i just read every single page of this comic. THIS SHIT IS HILARIOUS.
    love it.

    ill be checking it every week. i wish you updated more frequently!

  10. Mondo Kane

    The sober German has a point – Sydney and her ever-brimming coffeepot (that sounds like a particularly grotesque euphemism, but it’s WAY too early in the AM here in Engerlond for those) could surely return life to anything!
    That or her teeny weeny bikini. You’re the artist, Ramon – your call 馃槈

  11. eferoth

    well i’m an exchange german in vancouver and proud to be drunk pretty soon in about two hours from now (stupid new saskatoonian rommmate and his euro-canadian-drinking-contest), just for the record. ^^

    anyways, i just stumbled upon this site over the shuster awards and so far it has kept me from eating, showering and all in all getting ready for later. Hasn’t happened in some time. Funny as hell.

    keep it up,

  12. Fuel

    You’re right, Ramon. Boredom at work and a good webcomic with a comment section really adds to the post count

  13. Kris

    I’m not sure how long Rob’s been in a coma comic-time, but his feet have got to smell _nasty_. A girl with no sense of smell… Blessing or curse?

  14. Will

    Well I’m a Northern Canadian and I agree… bring back Sydney, and update more often PLEASE!!!

  15. Kristina

    I’m a fellow artist and I’ve been reading a bunch of web comics to get an idea of how they work [I hope to have my own very soon]. But out of all that I’ve found YOURS IS BY FAR THE BEST. I love how you draw, and your strips are funny. I read your entire archive while I was supposed to be working today. Keep up the good work and I am spreading the word about your comic all over my hometown here in Alaska. 馃檪

  16. Ramon

    thanks kristina! look forward to seeing what you got cookin’…

  17. Necrite

    Doesn’t she still owe Rob one of *those* just for being in the comic in the first place?

  18. Jazmin

    Hey Ramon,
    Just wanted to say it was nice to meet at the FanExpo On sat! I did come back to the booth to get a shirt but you had gone! And alas were not there Sunday! I shall have to order the old fashion way online!

    And when I do figure out why girls like spider-man so much.. I will be sure to tell you! I have been pondering the question, and cant come up with a strait answer for you! 馃槢

    Hope to see you and Rob next year!

  19. BergenskGuru

    Good one. Please never ever bring out of coma. Propably the single most brilliant move any cartonist ever did. Your guys are the Einsteins of cartoon space.

  20. Ambush

    Just found this comic today and read through the archives. Wonderful! I haven’t laughed so much in ages. Thanks, Rob and gracias, Ram贸n.

  21. Jen Mathis

    Not to worry…I have plenty of other reasons to think I’m crazy…

  22. chris

    I get the reference, but I always thought it was the roller skates…

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