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August 31st, 2007


sorry about the tardiness of this weeks comic. with work and conventions i haven’t had much of a break over the past month and slept in yesterday to my exquisite enjoyment. but in turn bns suffered it’s, of late, timely arrival.

not to worry, everythings back on track and life is back to a relatively normal schedule. well, what at least passes for normal with me…


  1. Kris

    First comment! Woo!

    Love the hair! Bring back Rob you selfish git! Dude’s in a coma and you’re checking your Elvis hair.

    Looks like your barber really is a miracle worker…

  2. Billy B.

    Toilet brush? Can’t say I shouldn’t have seen that coming.
    Keep throwing those Frames of comic gold our way Bns!

    P.S Nice touch with the fonz signature

  3. Phil C

    Comedic pauses make the world a happier place. 😀

  4. Mondo Kane

    Kris beat me to it – your barber managed the impossible. Mojo returnethed.

  5. Fuel

    Hope they aren’t planning to brush his teeth with that toilet brush…can anyone think of something more unpleasant than that idea?

    Nice hair, man!

  6. Senksis

    The dude’s been in coma for months, so there should be time enough for a little extra hair check… ;o)

  7. David Riches

    But will he recognize you when he comes to?

  8. AWinter

    Just started reading your comic the other day and had to read the entire archive. So glad to see some awesome Canadian content out there!

    Keep up the great work!

  9. Greaser Boy

    Whoa!! Folks just don’t understand…when you got this haircut, you CAN’T stop looking at your hair, they are so beautiful! I’m so glad that Ramon got the right haircut.
    Hey, by the way, I really love this comic. It rocks.


  10. Isaac

    So, I’ve only recently started reading your comic, but i find it amazing. I love it. But the real reason i was commenting, is because i had this weird moment today. I work at a Starbucks and today this guy came in to fix our espresso machine because it was making funny noises. Well this guy looked EXACTLY like Ramon. It was so weird, this guy looking like him and in a coffee shop and knowing all about it and stuff. I don’t know, it was just a very odd moment when i realized how he looked. Anyways. LOVE THIS COMIC

  11. CyCo

    That was Ramon, how else do you think he pays the bills!!! lol

    Nice ‘do.


  12. koji

    Oi! Elvis never fancied a beard like that. Off with it.

  13. Name Masta Name


  14. Mondo Kane

    Ramon! Keep the beard, for Chrissakes! Elvis didn’t have one, and he died on the toilet looking more like Henry the 8th than the King of Rock & Roll.
    Trust me, no-one with a goatee goes that way (though I might with the Ghettochino habit you’ve given me, yer bastard 😉 )!

  15. Kagcomix

    I started reading these awesome comics recently because I saw BNS in the TCAF comic thingy. yay for toronto, best city in the world!

  16. Effin' Bartlett


    First panel: Beatnik Fonzie.

    Last panel: BAAAAAAAAAAAMMM!!!

  17. Steve B.

    And then narcissus turned into a flower! A flower?

    Not many people know that the word narcissist came from the legend of Narcissus, a very vain godling. Cool strip, I am liking the titles a lot, I think people overlook the funny little things you throw in there… background jokes and semi obscure titles.

    It was cool meeting you guys at Fanexpo. Hope to hear about a trade paperback sometime soon, I would love to see that happening.

  18. Mars

    Gracious gravy, I love this comic.

    I bet Sydney could wake Rob up!

  19. Ryukai

    nice doo…

    there not going to ram a toilet brush…

    …down his throat, are they?!? or worse, somewhere uncomfortable (like the back of a Volks Wagon)?!…

    PS was it you that fixed Isaacs coffee machine?

  20. Lee

    …pure genius folks….

  21. Ramon


    i am a vain and selfish bastard 🙂

    don’t worry about rob, he’ll be joining the land of the living soon…

  22. Meagan

    Serioulsy, Ramon is going to go aid in the saving of Rob… Looking good is a necessity! It’s true, no one who doesn’t look good saves lives.

    The ghettocinno was a marvolous idea by the way… I work in a coffee shop and now thanks to your idea my coworker and I keep a small stash of breyers vanilla in the freezer for those days when we have particularly stupid customers… Nothing like telling people to get bent while you sip your ghettocino!!

    On a side note, a bowl of icecream with espresso shots drizzled on top is loverly as well!

  23. Mondo Kane

    Ramon, you trendsetter you!
    Thing is, I see through your evil plot. Get everyone so hooked on coffee and ice cream they end up turning us coffee-swilling blokes into great, lumbering lard-asses and you stay slim and saucy and then your “lady-drought” problems will be over. You evil bastard. Well, joke’s on you, dude! I’ve quit the Ghettoccino habit! Ha ha!

    Ok, I’m lying. I’ve just run out of ice cream…

  24. ..::beep::..

    nice ‘burns man

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