hildy, she devil of BNS
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September 6th, 2007

hildy, she devil of BNS


  1. ..::beep::..


  2. Esteban

    I have completely fallen in love with this comic…I am intrigued to see what happens when Rob awakens to see a very large woman on top of him.

  3. solabusca

    Given his past experiences, encounters and nightmares about Hilda…

    Only time (and Ramon/Rob) will tell.

  4. Naomi

    I thought Rob was your friend, Ramon? Why would you do that to him!

    Check out “antibodies”. Best german movie EVER.

  5. Senksis

    *gröhl* I love the clichee-german in english media. Like the “Schnell! Schnell!” you hear, whenever there is a german soldier. My favorite one is when Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) in Die Hard says: “Zerschießt den Fenstern!”
    So, although “meine kleine Knackwurst” would be correct, this is even funnier…

    P.S.: I could make a complete translation of bns if you guys are interested in such a thing. ;o)

  6. Mondo Kane

    Comfort Rob with the sure and certain knowledge that “the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the portion.” And I don’t think Frank Zappa would lie to us, eh? 🙂

  7. Phil C

    Brilliant! Drunkern Phil gives many a thumbs up! Although I am sure that the love will be rather brutal. D:

  8. Onefalsemove

    Isn’t this what put Rob in his coma in the first place, like 2 years ago, thinking he slept with Hildy?

  9. VampyreASR

    Good evening all,

    First-time poster, but I have to point this out:
    ~~~> imagine how insulted she is gonna be if she isn’t “woman enough” to snap him out of it. Who consoles a sobbing Hildy?

  10. dmgi


    What originally started the coma was when he found out he slept with the Redhead (can’t remember the name).

  11. Corteks

    The Redhead is the coffee girl!
    Can’t remember the name either but neither could Rob or Ramon!

  12. No,no,no,no,no!

    What originally started the coma was that he found out that he _thought_ had slept with Hildy, but had actually slept with the Redhead — and then had _fled_ the scene of the crime. The fact that he had fled that, keeping him from enjoying her sweet, sweet body one more time, was what put him into shock..

  13. Fuel

    After seeing her when she wakes up he’ll probably think the “sleeping with coffee girl” thing was all just a dream

  14. Senksis

    You mean he could fall right into the next coma, when finds out a second time?!

  15. Ramon

    wow – thanks all!

    and senksis, thanks for the proper translation!

  16. Key- Ro-Ro

    i just spent my whole work day reading all of the comic. thanks for aiding in my laziness.

  17. Bill Angus

    Coffee Girl = Sydney

  18. Rob

    Coffee Girl = Sydney = Sweet bringer of caffeinated goodness that was the object of all my desires till my lunkheadedness screwed it up!!! What a soap opera we’ve created!

  19. Onefalsemove

    I believe I said he “thought” he had slept with Hildy, “thought”…..

  20. Pinky's Brain

    Hmm, comic won’t display … if I try the image URL directly I get

    “The image “http://www.butternutsquash.net/comics/2007-09-06.jpg” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.”

  21. maxr


  22. Caffine_Freak

    I can’t see the comic.
    This dissapoint’s/fustrates me.


  23. Ramon

    i think i have rectified the problem.

  24. Ryukai

    hey what does “Zerschießt den Fenstern!” mean in english, anyway? all i get from online translators is “Zerschießt to the windows!”…

    also, O.O poor rob…

  25. Kris

    Poor Rob? He’s getting sexed by all that woman… He wouldn’t know what to do with her all if he was awake…

  26. Senksis

    @Ryukai: Gruber says “Zerschießt den Fenstern!” to his comrade, who obviously doesn’t understand German. Gruber then sighs and repeats: “Shoot the windows!” What he should have said would be “Zerschieß die Fenster!”. But anyways – I like it better the way it is… I mean, I couldn’t imitate a native speaker of English neither ;o)

  27. thomthom

    he’s…well, technically incapacitated… and she’s a big queen of the hinterlands… isn’t this technically gray rape? (i read about it in cosmo, leave me alone)

  28. MarlaSinger

    What the F*$%^? How did I NOT KNOW you were back up and running, fine sirs?! Well well well. All caught up and re-bookmark’d.

    Ramon, that is so like you to pay extra for the black macbook. If my macbookpro hadn’t crashed and burned on me I would make fun of you. But I’m worse.

    I hope Rob doesnt get crushed.

  29. Vogel


    hahhaahhhahahaha, last panel ” i hate him”, i really loll’ed,

    echte wuchtldrucker seids,



  30. Sorsha

    I love this comic! So awesome to find a webcomic based in the TO area.

    Hildy scare me. But I love the title of this one. Made me chuckle.

    Poooooor Rob!

  31. JasonT

    Dude brilliant comic strip

    i miss life on the old danforth, ah greek town…

  32. Spiked4545

    i wonder how long before his pelvis will break.

  33. FalloutGod

    I have to say the Elvis look is lame, the hats were better, and the shag was awesome. I liked his mojo, too bad it’s gone but he should grow it back.

  34. Amy

    Ramon, that hair is freaking sexual.

  35. Nihonshuu

    Have to agree with Senksis. The clichee German is too funny. Does one of you guys actually speak any German at all? Anyway, keep on with the good work!

  36. Swift-13

    I thought Rob was put into a coma by that strange pink “I Wuv You” bear-turned-zombie thing. Ramon dreamed about it in the strip before the coma began…

  37. Shell shell shamel

    Go hildy, go!

  38. Effin' Bartlett

    Kudos to you Rob & Ramon:

    One fine soap opera indeed! You have created what the kids are hailing as a modern day Mary Worth or dare I say, Brenda Starr?!! Pat yourselves on the back for a job well done.

    Your hero,
    Steve Canyon

  39. Effin' Bartlett

    Sadly, I am a few days late for any witty repartee with the comic artists’ responses or from those of the online public. I feel shame. I shall cry myself to sleep tonight clutching my luger, my 40 of Johnny Walker, and my “Hello Kitty” pillowcase.

    God! This stuff was gold!

    To hell with you all, you bastards!

    Keep me on your Kwanzaa list! 🙂

    Unky drunky Steve Canyon.

  40. huxley

    > “the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the portion.”
    > And I don’t think Frank Zappa would lie to us, eh?

    Zappa said “the bigger the cushion, the better the pushin’.” Spinal Tap went with “the bigger the cushion, the sweeter the pushing”.

    Now that I’ve gotten that nitpicking out of my system ….

  41. Rosa

    I can’t see this comic. This makes me sad.

  42. Ramon

    rosa, i believe i have rectified the problem 🙂

  43. Tofudisan

    Since Rob is stiff as a board; and so much smaller than Hildy; she chould use his entire body as a dildo?

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