the call
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September 20th, 2007

the call

if any of you fine folks who enjoy the squash reside on or will be near the east coast, particularily halifax, this sunday september 23rd please swing by this years WORD ON THE STREET festival and say hello! i’ll be residing at the STRANGE ADVENTURES booth doing sketches and peddling graphic novels, comics and apparrel!

ps/ apologies for the late night update. i soon hope to have the the updates up by 9am on thursdays. baby steps. i figure you’re all happy that we’re just updating regularily 馃檪


  1. Strafe Malone

    I would lay money down that “Him” is a muppet.

    Or really likes them.

  2. CJ 'n LA


    Do do dodo…

  3. Exual

    Yip yip yip.

  4. CJ 'n LA

    Couldn’t help my self. It’s like “shave and a hair cut” to a ‘Toon.

  5. Zolota

    Well, that was…

    100% unexpected.

    H’okay then.

    Rather than type all the doo’s to the last line, I’ll just ask– anyone else going to have that stuck in their heads all day?

  6. CJ 'n LA

    You can get it ‘unstuck”???

  7. Scott

    I had ‘Mahna mahna’ inscribed on the back of my iPod!

  8. ram贸n


    we try.

  9. Fuel

    Ah, the suspense builds…just how will ROb break free of his coma?

  10. CJ 'n LA

    I’m losing my mind!!! This very instant BBC:America is showing ‘The Office” and their singing “Mahna mahna”. Aaaaaahaahhaaaaa!!!!!!

  11. Psymon0666

    when will you be in the Halifax of Nova Scotia.. or Rather what times will you be at Strange Adventures.. I work at the Marriot Hotel parkade booth from 7am till 5 pm at the Marriott Hotel by the waterfront. and if i can swing it I’d like to come by. assuming you will be there after 5pm unless you happen to be staying at the Marriot Hotel in which i would see you at the parkade booth.
    with my fancy red shirt.
    i’m still waiting to be killed off the show.
    other then that I’m sorry i will have missed the oppurtunity to meet one of my Favourite online comic creators.

  12. ram贸n

    i will be at the strange adventures booth all day at the fair – from 11 to 5 i believe. check the link to word on the street for the hours!

  13. Adam

    Jesus, guys. Get on with the story!

  14. Adam

    ps- in the event the thought popped in my head…. no, I do not have a webcomic of my own and if I did, yes I would go about it in my own way and, no… that is no sign of disrepspect to what you guys do, indeed, I read and enjoy the entire run… however, entirely as a fan, I restate… Jesus, guys… get on with the story!

  15. Mondo Kane

    Maybe it’s because I’m a Brit, but the “Mahana” is lost on me! Waahh! Have to do the ol’ wait and see I guess 馃檪

  16. Dez

    Yeah, he gives it away with the picture on the wall, it’s one of the “doo doo da doodoo” monsters’ mouths.

    love the comic guys 馃榾

  17. Mondo Kane

    Just found the Muppets sketch on the valliant saviour of the media-backwards that is Youtube… maybe it’s my sick mind, but I thought it was a wankin’ sleeve (minus free porn) in the painting. Dear me. Is there a shrink in the house? 馃槈

  18. djimbo

    Followed the link to the BNS Army on Facebook and was pleasantly surprised to see a photo of you guys (Ramon and Rob). Cool to see the true faces behind the characters.

    Any chance of getting the real Evan, Krista, Vince and Andy B to step up? Is there a real Hildy?

  19. Phil C

    I like Vince’s simple yet proper suggestion… completely ignored in favour of muppets 8D


  20. Jen

    Saw you at Word on the Street (and thoroughly enjoyed the Degrassi panel discussion!) Tried to come and say hello afterwards, but you seemed to have quite a few people on your hands 馃檪

  21. Senksis

    …until today I only knew the versions with the two little girls instead of that pinkies…

  22. Sara G.

    i am a seven year old boy with a severely infected elbow. the doctor says i probably won’t make it past a week.

    i.. i just want to see rob wake up before i die.

    please, sirs. i don’t have much time.

  23. Nug

    everyone go dowload the Cake cover of Mahna Mahna right now. It will rox yer sox.

  24. Gerk


    I absolutely LOVE the strip, but…

  25. Bill Angus

    They’ve been updating pretty regularly since June or July…

  26. Chocolatesa

    Lolll!! I’ve learned to pay attention to posters/pictures on the wall… And this got me grinning from ear to ear when I recognized it 馃榾 Although I have no idea whatsoever what’s next… 馃榾 Yay for childhood nostalgia! I love that song 馃榾

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