je ne sais quoi
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September 27th, 2007

je ne sais quoi

the 27th of september already!? damn, where does the time go?


  1. Amy

    Ramon you look pretty convincing as a beatnik… yoko ono would be all over you back in the day

  2. Jesse

    Lovely. Good to see her back.

  3. schroedingrscat


  4. Samson

    Good work conjugating french verbs correctly, you’ve done Canada proud.

  5. Fuel

    The French Rob is awesome. The little mustache really does something for him

  6. CJ 'n LA

    Two years, 8 months, 17 days… I’ve missed ‘Big Red”

  7. CJ 'n LA

    Oh yeah, Are Rob and Ramon like “The Boys from Brazil’ or what.

  8. Mighty Max


  9. Roel

    Nice one! 馃榾
    The expression of the Ramon character in the last panel is most befitting!

    (however, if the waiter-like guy is talking about HER, it should be ‘ma ch茅rie’ — ‘mon cheri’ is the masculan version, which changes the meaning of the last panel to him calling the Ramon character his sweetheart).

  10. Dax

    People are dicks. Waiter-like guy? If you can’t even recognize the joke, don’t criticize the dialogue.

    The strip’s brilliant.

  11. Obinna

    Okay, I’ll give you that Roel kinda missed the Rob thing, but chill out a bit, yeah? I think it’s a valid point, unless I’m also missing something vital about other meanings of “mon cheri.” It didn’t take anything away for me, but people notice these things.

    Anyhow, great stuff. I check every day, even though I know it only updates Thursdays. Must be addled…

  12. ram贸n

    thanks for the support dax, but i don’t think roel had dick like intentions. well i hope not anyway…

    admitedly i’m suprised he did’na recognise the parisian rob, but ce la vie.

    roel, thanks for the french correction. i’ll fix it up when i get a chance.

    cheers all!

  13. Kozy

    Kind of harkens back to “Bor and Nomar” from so very long ago when Rob first became catatonic. And life comes full circle yet again…

  14. Lee

    quality strip 馃檪

  15. Rick


    Of course, it took me three reads to notice she was wearing those huge, bug-eye, “fashion” sunglasses. Yikes. Not really my thing, but I think I could probably get over it.


  16. Mondo Kane

    Wahey! Sydney returns! Blessed are the Redheads, etc.

    Does this mean the Ghettoccino Parisienne has sprinkles, Ramon? Very swish! Here’s to fine cuppas the world over 馃檪

  17. Vins

    haha exellent fran莽ais mon cher Ramon . better than my english I must say

  18. Effin' Bartlett

    Zut alors! I waz looking for de comeek about ze fat orange chat! De won who ‘ate dee Mondayz. Sacre Bleu! Dat orange chat, he make me laugh.

  19. Usivius

    Great strip. I’m just catching up now. It’s a treat to read a whole bunch all in a row.
    Rob won’t tell me the secret behind which ideas are real and which ones are made up though… (sadness)


  20. Billingsly

    I like cheeses…

  21. Zolota

    “Unfinished business”? Ooh…

  22. Reverend Tweek

    Could it be? Is that, in fact *gasp* a ghettocino that Ramon Francois is partaking of? It’s a global phenomenon!!!

  23. Bedehem

    H茅h茅h茅 … bien vu ! Rob & Ramon s’internationalisent, pour notre plus grand bonheur. Merci 脿 tous deux !

  24. Roel

    Hey Ramon, absolutely no ‘dick intentions’ here (as the first part of my message above testifies). I’ve been following the strip enthousiastically for quite some time, but I honestly had not recognized the Rob-character (perhaps I was still seeing him in catatonic modus, in my mind’s eye. Anyway, the real Rob could easily get a job here as a French waiter, that’s for sure! ;D), so the multiple joke that Dax suggests (?) was lost on me, alas!

    (@Obinna: thanks for your kind reaction, it did soften my amazement at Dax’s).

  25. Kristina

    I kinda LIKE the glasses, keep on keeping on Ramon!

  26. ne sais quoi

    […] damn, where does the time go? This entry was posted on Thursday, September 27th, 2007 at 8:15 pm … Metaphor and That Certain Je Ne Sais QuoiSource: Philosophical Studies, Volume 129, […]

  27. frenchi

    yeah, french isn’t forget. so i’ll give you a short french message to congratulate you for your awesome comic (i don’t know if my english is enough good, but i’m sure my french is.
    Putain, votre bd elle arrache, je l’ai d茅couverte 脿 noel, et depuis, 脿 chaque fois que j’ai besoin de ma payer une bonne tranche de rire, je me connecte, en plus 莽a me permet d’am茅liorer un petit peu mon anglais. Mais pourquoi toujours parler de Paris? , il y a aussi de jolis endroits en France comme la Martinique

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