gone fishing
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October 11th, 2007

gone fishing

a busy week, as those who read kukuburi may have also noticed, so i apologize once agin for the late in the day arrival. seem to be doing that a lot lately…

it’s crash and burn time.

g’night folks!


  1. Rico


  2. Ariel

    This is very python-esque.

  3. Kristina

    CUTE. Where’d the fish come from!?

  4. Lee Cherolis

    Rusty’s back! Hah!

  5. Adam


  6. Mondo Kane

    Always nice to see Rusty up to his o- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ 😉

    He really should join the regular cast, yanno?

  7. Vins

    this dog is just too funny mdr^^

  8. Spork

    Lately? It’s your standard operating procedure. Why don’t you just drop all pretense of being able to keep a self-imposed schedule, and just state that the strips come out when, or if, you feel like it?

    Oh, and isn’t it about friggin’ time this Rob phone-in festival of non-story come to an end already?

  9. Ramon

    dear spork, allow me to refund your money….

    oh, wait.

  10. Lee

    patience is a virtue, spork!
    PS nice come back, Ramon!! 🙂

  11. Digz

    Sporks are less useful than one might think. They lack the spoons ability to hold any amount of fluid, and arent nearly as good at stabbing things as forks are. Their true strength lies in the ability to whine about the trivial…but when you’re the platypus of the cutlery world, its no small wonder…..

  12. Tanenger

    Kudo’s gentlemen.

    MahnaMahna’s untimely demise aside, Rusty is still hilarious.

  13. Onefalsemove

    I’m with Spork on this one, and I’ve been saying it for quite a while. Boring!!!!

  14. Jenk

    Clearly, two people on this comments page go to a boring job, and when they get home, sit with their finger up their ass in front of the television and then the computer.

    When you work a full-time job, then try to do something truly creative on the side, when you manage that (AND create something worthwhile), THEN you can judge. Till then, try some tabasco on that index finger.

    Meanwhile, Ramon, great work on all three fronts, and when it gets done, it gets done. Thank you for what you do.

  15. Shargon

    I agree with Jenk. C’mon people you cant expect them to create anything funnier when they have a full time job! Btw Ramon this one is great ;P

  16. Ryukai

    there is no 2 ways about it, you just gotta love that narcoleptic dog!

  17. RJ

    I personally am shocked that no one comented on the continueing muppets reference here.

    solid gold.

  18. kozy

    Lew Zealand and his boomerang fish act! Well spotted RJ!

  19. Mars


  20. wzldog

    Ha!! That’s funny….I love this strip!

  21. Adam

    God, I am so glad Spork said it and I didn’t. Scott McCloud is turning in his sweater.

  22. Mundane

    Huh. I can’t figure on two of the comments. I mean, if you’re not pleased with the content, then why read it, much less comment on it? It’s a free web comic, and there are millions out there like it. If you don’t appreciate it, then move on to the next one. Don’t stop to write about it. I mean, do you send an angry letter whenever Garfeild isn’t funny?
    No, serious, do you?

  23. Adam

    Meh, I love the comic… I’ve just been antsy as hell about this whole shock/paralysis thing brought on by schtupping the waitress. It’s suspense. Which, I suppose is being well formed… but damn it’s been a while. It’s beginning to be Lunch-esque…

  24. Fuel

    Every 20 minutes is like a brand new day for this dog…I love it!

  25. Tangerine

    maybe it’s because I fully understand the demands of doing something you love while holding a full-time gig that pays the bills, but it’s called “bookmark the damn page and come back to it when you have time to kill.” If you have too much time to kill, I suggest getting one of those delightful things they call ‘hobbies”.

    Tabasco on the index finger! Did we have the same mom?

  26. Delilah

    I love Rusty!!!

  27. Vins


  28. Lee

    some people don’t like waiting, I admit am waiting for Rob to wake up finally, but the creators do what they can when they can…plenty of other web comics to read in the mean time 🙂

    Rusty rules!!

  29. Andrea

    I think Rusty should meet Skeeter


    PS: I cannot believe you killed Mahna Manha

  30. Daniel


  31. Krahmm

    I like the dog, personally.

    Also, any chance that we’ll revisit Ramon, Rob and the gang in the future (per the ending of last … season(?))?

  32. opie353

    nobody ever sends in any angry letters to Jim Davis, but then again- garfield is always there every week… always.

  33. Bedehem

    If you like the “flyin’fish” humour, you HAVE to read the french comics ASTERIX (René Goscinny & Albert Uderzo), the funiest thing ever written on the other side of the ocean. You’ll see …
    A plus les gars !

  34. Mondo Kane

    Just to shove my crowbar into the Talkback pirranah-tank, I enjoy these little coming-up-for-air moments. Guess a lot of other folk do too. Yeah, I understand Rob’s reanimation is so close it hurts, but hey, who wants to (excuse the Northern-English vulgarity here) blow their load so damn fast? We all know it’ll happen, it’s up to the artisans here when. A little teasing before we go over the edge is just a sign your significant other(s) are doing something right, right?

    Could I squeeze any more innuendo into that? Ok, my thought is that there’s no release until Sydney gets back for round 5, so no need for anyone to go digging their nails into Ramon.

    Ok, now I’m spent… Keep the flag flying guys. Anyone got a tissue?

  35. Paul

    I’ll email you one.

  36. KJones

    “nobody ever sends in any angry letters to Jim Davis, but then again- garfield is always there every week… always.” – opie353

    I’m pretty sure even Jim Davis gets his share of angry letters. But let me ask you some questions:

    How often do they run reprints of past Garfield cartoons? How often does Jim Davis come up with a truly original strip that doesn’t involve the same old jokes about Garfield’s laziness, Odie’s stupidity, or Jon’s loneliness? Is he doing the strip for free? Is he working two jobs and doing the strip in his spare time?

  37. aloonne

    this is rad and something else i love is how ramon probebly doesnt give a rats about the negitive comments, seriously who cares haha
    the comic is awesom end of story

  38. invetro

    I’m just glad that there is something of this quality around the web that is free, funny and occasionally damned sexy. BNS knows where it’s at.

  39. I.am.Zim!!!

    hey, since when have ppl not appreciated a little build up before the climax…….when rob finally comes around its sure to be funny, besides if you cant appreciate a little narcoleptic dog/ fish-on-a-string humor should you be reading this comic?

  40. Cillian

    Come on guys, the Rusty thing is getting a little old. I don’t expect you to ‘owe’ me anything as a reader (and this is the comments section after all), but is this not the 3rd or 4th strip with the same joke? I realise this is filler for when you’re busy, but surely YouTube (is that where you got Rusty from? can’t remember) or whatever, has some more depths to mine?

  41. Onefalsemove

    So we are saying that cuz Garfield sucks it’s ok for BNS to suck too?

  42. Onefalsemove

    and uhmm have you guys been following this strip for the painful 2 years that I have, and the piainful 2 years that this rob thing has been going on for? 2 years! 2 years! 2 years! Get ready for a surprise.

  43. Onefalsemove

    head explodes

  44. Krahmm

    Is Jim Davis still alive?!

  45. Dashcan

    It’s just tempting to string all the narcoleptic dog strips together somehow into one circular comic of some sort, an get it as a tattoo….

  46. KJones

    “So we are saying that cuz Garfield sucks it’s ok for BNS to suck too?” – Onefalsemove

    I guess my point was too complex for you to understand. Garfield does suck, but Jim Davis is paid enough money and has enough time that he has no excuse to not improve on it. He can devote eight hours every day (a typical 9-5 job) to thinking of new and hilarious Garfield stories, but instead we get the same old jokes.

    BNS does not suck, it’s original and funny despite the fact that Ramon and Rob have other jobs taking up their time. And since they are doing it for free I really don’t think they are obligated to stick to any kind of schedule.

    I’d like to know what you do with your spare time that is as creative and funny, and as time consuming, as BNS is. When most people come home from their day job they watch TV or play video games… they don’t do more work (which is what doing a web comic really is).

  47. Onefalsemove

    I’m a small business owner. I don’t really have a lot of “free” time. My boss (me) is a really jerk and makes me work constantly.

  48. FarfellaDelFerro


    get over yourself.

    thanks! have a great day 🙂


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