the parable of the perch
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October 18th, 2007

the parable of the perch

well today’s comic was actually done about 5 hours ago, but i’ve been wrestling with computer problems since. had to reinstal a bunch o’ crap tom male things go my way… grrrr.

y’know it’s funny how last weeks comic about a narcoleptic dog generated as much posts as a political discussion. it’s a peculiar world we live in.

as many of you may know, and hate us for doing so, at every fifty strips rob and i take a short break to recollect ourselves, catch a breath and plan the next stage of butternut. well, as a friendly warning we’re at 147 this week, so another 3 and season 3 will come to a close, and our short hiatus will begin.

more on that later.

may the angry posts ensue 😉


  1. Bulldog

    Excellent! No better way to bring a man back out of a coma then with a bad pun, hahaaha. You guys rock, and hopefully number 150 brings another boogie session. Love the comic, and glad to see Rob back and kickin.

  2. kamonohashi

    well that my come a little bit late (I nominate myself for the understatement of the year) but when a somebody is rendered immobile through rather psychosomatic reasons than through physical ones (what is quite clearly the case here) isn’t that called catatonic and not comatose?

  3. Ramon

    we could get technical and say catatonic coma, but really, it’s a comic strip…

  4. Roscoefink

    Great Work Ramon, Rob lookin at us in Panel 3 is great, and The Lew Zealand joke at the end is Genius!
    Given the Mahna Mahna joke, Shoulda’ seen it commin’ but totally didn’t, and it is brilliant!

  5. Maks

    Really!?!? You are kidding me… Rob was in “catatonic coma” all of season 3??? I mean we had good laughs every each way, but it was like watching a soap opera. Come to think of it this is kinda like a sitcom. Still! Oh well, keep it up guys. Great work!

  6. Chris

    Lew Zealand? who (or what) the hell is he? is this a Canadian thing that I’m just completely missing?

    another break!? already!? at least 3 of the strips were about a narcoleptic dog, that means you owe us 3 more of Ramon and Rob!

  7. Onefalsemove


  8. Onefalsemove

    Hey Rob and Ramon

    I’ve been hard on you guys and I apologize, I really do love the strip and have been reading it almost from the begining. I have, however, found the last story line to be rather long and uninspired, and have used the talkback to voice my opinion on that. I thought that is what is supposedly so great about this whole internet thing, instant feedback and dialogue between content creators and their audience? or is that just the B.S. that we hear everywhere and means fuck all? Anyway I will continue to support the strip and continue to voice my opinions on it. I hope no hard feelings have occured and wish you guys the best of luck with the next season. Also for quite awhile I had a nasty back and forth going with Kevin Smith over some criticisms I made of Clerks 2 and his shitacious “Evening with Kevin Smith” talks and you guys certainly handled yourselves better than old Kevin did.

  9. Roscoefink

    It’s not a Canadian thing,
    Just like Mahna Mahna, Lew Zealand is another Character from the old Muppet Show.

  10. Ramon


    no ill will. sometimes the negative comments rais e the hair on the back of my neck, but for thje most part, being an artist in the public eye for over 10yrs, plus doing a webcomic for four years, i realize that everything is personal taste. while some people love rusty, other people will hate him. while others hated the rob storyline, others enjoyed it. i will never do something that caters to everyone, to me that would be the uninspiried boring stuff you see everyday. when you try new and different things, you will please some and alienate others.

    did the rob story line drag? meh, who knows, we wanted to push it as far as we could and we did. when the day comes and we have a butternut collection, the rob storyline will probably only take up around 25 pages or less.

    as creators in a medium you learn and grow with your projects.

    speaking of which, gotta get back to it.

  11. Spork

    ’bout fucking time.

    onefalsemove, this painfully long story line hasn’t been going on for two years as you stated in the last strip. It’s been about a year and a half.

    Now, about the narcoleptic dog? Hilarious. My favorite is the one with the cat bopping his nose to wake him., and then watching patiently until his just drops into slumber.

    Catatonic Rob? Lame, lazy, uninspired, and the crutch that was all of season 3. I’m hoping you get back to better with season 4, Rob.

  12. kozy

    Ramon, personally I would have loved to have seen a visit from Crazy Harry… “Chanson D’amour! Ra-ta-ta-ta-ta… BOOOM!” A classic! Made me the chemist I am today, although only few of my first year’s appreciate my interpretation before I blow something up. Sigh. Perhaps a future Muppets revisit?

  13. Spork

    Er, Rob = Ramon in that last bit there.

  14. Ramon


    i am all for an open forum for readers to talk, to post insightful criticisms, critiques or compliments. flagrant remarks against others in an abrasive manner is something i don’t have time for.

    i’m deleting your latest post on ‘gone fishing’ because of this.

  15. Andrew

    The muppets were a nice addition man, it would have been pretty sweet to see the old Muppet band with Animal and co. But it was not meant to be, and maybe Gonzo playing his horn and the chickens. ahhhh the memories of a simpler time 🙂

    Great comic keep up the great work

  16. Steve

    Maybe while on hiatus have some guest strips posted? I think the whole Rob travel’n around the web thing shows that there are enough people willing to provide the content. It’ll also cut down on the rabble rabble from the fans.

    I know of several people in the sequential art major here at Savannah College of Art and Design who might want to take a crack at it.

  17. Jason Truong

    Finally! Rob is outta that coma. Now, three more weeks of the hilarity that is Ramon and Rob (and cast of BNS), before you guys go on your hiatus. Oh, I can’t wait to see what happens!

  18. Aerv

    Man, seeing all the Muppets in the last few strips has really made me wish they would bring back the Muppet Show. Unfortunately, they tried that years ago and it flopped. Shame.

    Great job, Ramon, have seen BNS from the start, and always read it, thanks for the laughs.

    And, I just got Machinations of Doom. Hands down, one of the coolest Rifts books, and the best RPG illustrations I’ve seen.

  19. BergenskGuru

    You ruined it! I was looking forward telling my grand grand children he once was not in a coma! Guess who will have to go down the heavy drinking route this weekend. Me! You know how much beer cost here? Do you care? I think NOT! My GOD, now there may even not be any grand grand children… aaaAAARRrrrgh

  20. Shell shell shamel

    Drinking it is!
    We have decided to have a shot for every strip in which Rob is in a coma.
    Beer is always cheap here in Aus if you wanna come down BergenskGuru… even though you might live in Aus already. In that case ur cheap, so we’ll shout you!
    See you all when I get out of the hospital for alcohol poisoning, I’m sure the nurses will understand when i explain why!

  21. Kristina

    ah, good stuff. I LOVE IT! Great way to tie in the Muppets and getting Rob back into play, and having the guys leave like that! “It’s not a COD you jackass…” GREAT FUN! I think my favorite part is the last frame, CRACKS ME UP! Keep it up guys!

  22. Vins

    I KNEW IT!!!! FISH IS THE SOLUTION TO ALL OUR PROBLEM!!! EVEN COMA!!! …but we still looking for something to keep the poor rusty awake :'(

  23. HalLoco

    Finally! Now maybe Rob can get to signing that box of bacon that I’ve been holding on to for the past couple years. 🙂

  24. Adam Franklin

    Wow, I feel like I just woke up from the coma. Awesome.

    Buy me some man-diapers and I’ll be all set.

  25. Chris

    cheers Roscoefink for letting me know about the muppets joke.
    didn’t really get the muppet show over here in Scotland when i was younger, so the joke was a bit lost on me, but i did take a guess cause the guy in last panel looked suspiciously like Bert!

    Anyway, shame this season is ending so soon. but i shall be waiting patiently.

  26. Enrtropic Voight

    I personally enjoyed the Rob in a Coma storyline, sad to see it end, glad that Rob will be a character again. I was, however perversely, anticipating a longer run, where ultimately the strip ends a few years down the line, with Rob, still catatonic, and wearing all his war wounds, still holding a dog leash, vomit dribble on his shirt, and whatever other fun things a rollerskate laden invalid could accumulate.

  27. adelai

    Ha. Muppets. What’s not to love? You win.

  28. Spork

    That’s good to know, Ramon. It’s perfectly acceptable for people to insult me, but I’m not permitted to give as good as I get.

    By the way, I still don’t need to be a chef to know a fly doesn’t belong in my soup, and I still don’t need to be a webcomic creator to know that every time you make a self-imposed schedule, you have no way to keep, you’re breaking a promise to your readership.

    You’re worth complaining about because when BNS is good, it’s great. When you phone it in for a year and a half with a catatonic Rob, it sucks donkey balls.

    Just drop all pretense of a schedule. You can’t keep it. You never have, and you never will. Just post the strip whenever, and own up to the fact that you can’t devote the time needed to actually have a schedule for this strip. Otherwise, a schedule that you consistently fail to meet does nothing but tell me to expect you to fail.

  29. Spork

    By the way, what was so god awful you just couldn’t bear to let it bounce off your eyes?

    Was it me pointing out that the Rob “story” line has been going on for a year and a half?

    Was it the suggestion that a contract hit in Jim Davis might be a good idea/not worth the effort?

    Was it the fact that I pointed out that your straw man argument of the strip being free was completely baseless?

    I’m genuinely curious. I went back and read through the posts, thought about what I posted, and recalled that I my post prior to this wasn’t quite accurate. So, what the hell did I do? When commenting on a webcomic whose main character gets caught by his mother masturbating with a silicon sleeve, I’d really like to know what exceeds your delicate sensibilities.

  30. Laura

    So…Mahna-Mahna’s sacrifice was not in vain? YAY!

    Welcome back, Rob! 🙂

  31. Rob

    Okay hopefully this might put a cap on whatever verbal jousting has entered our humble and innocent forum.

    Spork your comment was deleted not for the content you reiterated, but for the opening line of which you omitted in your reposting of your arguments. It was a comment you made that was a verbal attack against those reading the posts. It wasn’t an amusing jibe or a playful tease, it was vulgar and unwarranted. We will take any criticism, we don’t mind for a simple reason, this is our comic strip. We’ll write it as we will, and you the fans or non fans whichever is the case, are free to make it known how you feel about our product. We will not allow this to be a place for attacks against other readers. As well we don’t want anyone responding to this to say “You tell him guys” or making any further comments towards Spork himself. If anyone here wishes to have these ever so popular “Flame Wars” please privately exchange emails and blast away.

    Spork if you feel you’ve been harassed or made light of by any other posts feel free to contact us directly and we will look into it and delete anything that is a slight on your person.

    If you wish to post stories about being caught masturbating by your mother (I mean who hasn’t been) feel free we will not stop you just try not to talk ill of someone else’s mother intrusion story.

    This also goes for anyone else. Like our strips or not we will always write them the way we write them because we find it amusing to us. We don’t do schlock fill ins. If it’s up, it’s because we thought it was funny. You can disagree with our idea of humour but please refrain from comments that say we do not put one hundred percent effort into the strips we present to you.

    Comment constructively or voice your opinion but never take a pretense that one person’s opinion is not as valid as your own.

    Thanks for reading and enjoying, If we haven’t been your cup of tea lately I’m not going to apologize but I will hope that maybe something will amuse you during our future strips.

    -Rob co-creator of Butternutsquash

  32. Adam

    That was incredibly fair, and ballsy. Most people would just professionally ignore and delete Spork from their webby existence. ‘Respeck Knuckles’.

  33. Adam

    Oh, and, not that I think my opinion matters so much but… I think Steve from SCAD has a good idea.

  34. Etiquetteer

    I, for one, am relieved Rob’s out of his coma and that Coffee Girl appears to be headed home. Who knows . . . seeing her again may just put him back in a coma?!

    Ramon and Rob, I’ve been reading BNS faithfully (and sometimes obsessively) from the time of the coffee smackdown strip and I love your visual style and outrageous situations. Here’s hoping season four includes the all-nude BNS calender . . .

  35. Sara G.

    eh. when i get impatient i just go back and re-read the entire comic. i’ve read it probably seven or eight times now and it hasn’t gotten old to me. thank goodness rob gets a few more strips before you guys take that blasted hiatus. i hope sydney makes another appearance within the next 3 updates. this has all come together very well in my opinion, i’m excited to see the final culmination of this chapter.

  36. Tangerine

    only three more?


    Sydney best show up for damn sure.


    P.S. I loves the Butternut Squash

  37. Phil C

    As long as Rob now being conscious doesn’t stop me from hiding Rob and Cola in the background somewhere in my upcoming grad animation! 😀

    Epic muppet references, and I eagerly await the upcoming storystuffs. Take it easy!

  38. Triptaphane

    I was totally sure Sydney would come back and give Sleeping Beauty the coma-breaking kiss, thus starting a relationship between her and Rob that is absolutely precious.

    You and your twists, BNS!

    PS: Love the strip’s artwork.

  39. Usivius

    Ah, you’re my cup of tea Rob: Earl Grey. Hot!


  40. David Kastrup
  41. David Kastrup

    Hm, that was not very successful. Let’s try it like this and that.

  42. Nene

    The comatose/catatonic Rob thing was frigging hilarious! And I think you ended it deliciously and at a wise time, just a bit longer and it might have become old. Nah, what am I saying, the Rob and Cola thing, how could that possibly get old? 😉 Anyway, love what you’re doing, the artwork, the characters, the plot, the jokes, the timing, the narcoleptic dog, Rosebud(!) and all. Kudos!

  43. Amethyst42

    We’re all allowed our opinions, but for the sake of the community, state your opinions like… well, like a forum, not like a frat house debate.

    Personally I love the catatonic Rob storyline, and delighted at seeing him run through all the other web strips. The narcoleptic dog doesn’t do much for me, but eh, whatever. It’s not my strip, I just enjoy the parts I enjoy and wait for next week on the rest.

  44. ash_wednesday

    How long will this “break” last? Meh…Everyone needs a vacation at some point. Keep up the good work.

  45. Unusualsuspect

    I’ve been following BNS for at least 2 years, and probably more… and while sometimes I wish there was more content, I don’t demand more than Rob and Ramon have graciously provided for our entertainment. Excellent style, wonderful humor (if occasionally a bit, ehm, risque), and fun characters.

    P.S. The Narcoleptic Dog strips have been hilarious, though I agree somewhat that the joke is being spread a bit thin, y’know? Like my drama teacher always said, a joke is funny about 3 times, then, well…

  46. Tanenger

    I like the use of the more obscure Muppets.

    When can we expect a Sweetums cameo?

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