leaves on the wind
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October 25th, 2007

leaves on the wind

as i mentioned last week, with strip 150 rob and i will be taking a haitus to recuperate and reorganize. however, thanks to the suggestion of our readers, we will be having guest comics by some great talents!

on thursday november 15th we will begin our guest strip extravaganza! the first strip will be done by our very own andy belanger!


  1. Leslie

    thank god rob;s finally back though…that’s all i gotta say. goddamn did that ever take a long time

  2. Mondo Kane

    New leaf tomorrow… sounds like me every damn day 馃檪

  3. Joel

    Too true Mondo. I’m such a horrible procrastinator…

  4. Roscoefink

    The expressions and gestures in this piece are Totally Aces Ramon.
    Great work, as always.

  5. myoo

    glad to see rob’s finally alive and kicking! enjoy the days off, and come back (soon i hope ) with more bns great strips. i love the drawing, the characters, well, the whole thing is awesome!
    thanks for the rss feed by the way, great thing not having to come back every few hours ( hours? who am i kidding? minutes, yeah…)…
    i think i pretty much said everything, i’m eager to see how the guest will hand up the bns challenge…

    greetings from france, where i’m trying to spread the greatness that is bns…

  6. W.Ashton

    Hey Ram贸n are the guest comics pre-decided or can anyone submit one?

  7. Ramon

    hey ashton,

    all the spots have been filled, but if things change i’ll let you know 馃檪

  8. Chris

    don’t be gone long. i get scared without something good to read on Thursdays…

  9. Onefalsemove

    Too bad the slots are filled, I would’ve liked a crack at one too.

  10. Jill

    Come back soon! You’ll be sorely missed.

    On the other hand, thank god Rob’s back. geez it took ages. XD

  11. Lee

    see you soon Ramon…right better get a move…running late for night shift…eep!

  12. Tanenger

    Thoroughly enjoyed this “season”. Can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

    Keep it up, dudes!

  13. Zolota

    *content sigh* Good to have Rob back. ^_____^

    The action poses in panels 4-6 make me suddenly wish there was a BNS version of the Calvin and Hobbes dance.

  14. adam

    Praises R&R for their interactivity. BNS is a comic for the PEOPLE!!!

  15. ash

    word. rob is back in town! i’ts good to read the ‘squash after a few beers, i always find my eyes drifting to the final panel revealing all, subliminally before i’m done! coffee house? let’s see some of the evening wine bar rendevous in future strips! or am I judging a book by its cover???

    ash :{

  16. Angelina

    You know they say that procrastination is just like masturbation. It feels good in the begining but your just screwing yourself in the end.

  17. Vins

    nice to see the good old scene of Rob & Ramon drinking a coffee… hmmm coffee.

  18. ash_wednesday

    I dislike coffee.

  19. Georgina

    The Hallelu-YEAH! was a nice touch, very ‘go team!’

  20. opie353

    and there might even be another one tomorrow!!! woohoo!!! (this is the part where i cross my fingers and wish very very hard and maybe santa will bring everyone a new comic)

  21. Lind n' stuff

    Ramon your lines are awesome. love love love

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