a pampered man
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November 2nd, 2007

a pampered man

thanks all for all the ‘get well’ sentiments yesterday!i’m so doped up on advil cold and flu i’m bound to get better!so next week sees the end of season 3 of bns, whereupon rob and i will be taking a short hiatus, but don’t fret we have some amazing talent lined up for guest strips to keep you satiated and entertained beginning with andy b, of raising hell, on november 15th!   


  1. Mondo Kane

    Drink enough and you’ll do that without the diapers…
    Been there, done that 😉

  2. Chris

    Um, did you harf into the keyboard at some point? This doesn’t look right:

  3. Ramon

    hrm, i don’t know what to say chris things look fine on my end…

  4. W.Ashton

    LoL, funny man. Can’t wait till next week, hope it’s a heck of a season finale.

  5. Mat

    I love your comics, the art work is fantastic.

  6. Pam

    My friend last night got so drunk he practically needed nappies (diapers) to stop him weeing himself.
    I love this comic, I ran across it only recently and I think the artwork is brilliant.

  7. Max

    “You’re wearing Rob’s leftover man diapers!” this is for the highlight reel

  8. David Riches

    Okay with less than a week to go let the guessing begin on how the season will end…..
    My bet is a certain lady returns from France with a bun in the oven what with all the diaper jokes going on.
    My brother thinks we will get another future shot of Rob & Ramon.
    My other brother doesn’t know what we are talking about.
    Anyone else?

  9. opie353

    hahaha… canadian guy didnt like my other comment.

  10. bulldog

    I kind of agree with David on the certain lady returning, but if she had a bun in the oven, she would have had it already, since she’s been gone for more than a year, unless comic time has nothing to do with real time. My bet would be on either a group shot with a bunch of characters doing something, or a traditional, “Boogie Time”.

  11. Lee

    funny…Ramon’s face in panel 2 🙂 gonna miss this while you guys on a break!

  12. Kristina

    Hmmm, of course she’ll come back! Has to! I like the idea of a group pic. We’ll see!

    Love it Ramon & RoB! YAY, keep it up boys!

  13. Krahmm

    I hope we see another future sequence.

  14. MarlaSinger

    lol – man diapers. sexy. *waves to ramon and rob*

  15. ..::beep::..

    Ramon & Rob, you are very funny making, where from am I speaking in such a perception? (=Orange-haired man is also great=) Is even half enough & SA[insert]nyone-else like Bruno the Bandit???

  16. ..::beep::..

    hey you all! set your clocks back lazy-bones”|”

  17. opie353

    you know you should really replace the ‘thursdays’ up at the top there with “whenever the hell i feel like putting one up”- not bitchin, just sayin.

  18. Rob

    We put up Thursday on the site because that is when we update, if it isn’t up it’s not because we didn’t feel like it, it is because our effort to bring a strip to you on Thursday derailed somehow. It’s like a parcel that’s supposed to come in 3-9 business days and happens to take 10.

    Your comment says not bitchin’ but it reminds me distinctly of those people who say “I’m not racist but…” and then say something horribly racist.

    -not chastising, just saying.

  19. Lind n' stuff

    whoa harsh on the opie person….now I’m not racist buuuut are you Iriii….nevermind. lol. *teeheehees*

  20. Harris

    This is a pretty funny one, I’ll have to recommend it to my alcoholic friends, and draw what happens.

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