back to the future!
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November 9th, 2007

back to the future!

greetings all, this one took a bit of time but i hope you all enjoy!next thursday november 15th we begin our hiatus and our guest strip extravaganza! the first strip will be done by our very own andy belanger! we have plenty of people lined up to share their visions of the squash! you’ll be seeing the likes of danielle corsetto, cameron stewart, michael cho, chris jones , karl kerschl and many many more!  


  1. Roscoe


  2. Ryker

    I agree. That is a goddamn cod.

  3. Jack

    It’s not fair old people get to say that to young ladies, “sweetheart” and “honey.” Why can’t people Without an impending expiration date get to say that? It’s not right.

  4. Tanenger

    There’s still nothing better than one old man beating another old man mercilessly with a giant fucking fish.


  5. Allen

    I call young ladies “honey”, “sweetie”, and “darlin” all the time, but I’m a) a southerner and b) gay. Apparently, we’re allowed. 🙂

  6. kamonohashi

    Damn that is not only good that is PERFECT! Don’t know if it strikes me as so0 funny because im drunk or I just watched Planet Terror and that still has its impact but it is just perfect!

  7. kamonohashi

    But I guessn evejn without booze and Planet Terror I guess I would laugh my ass off. Especially about panel 12. Not to forget whipper-snapper. And that are by far not all the little aspects that make the whole so funny.

  8. bulldog

    gotta say, old Andy B is awesome!

  9. DhAkael

    Glad to see you peeps survived the convention circut…AGAIN!
    And this latest strip.
    I dunno.
    It…SPEAKS to me

  10. David Riches

    So no Sydney with bun in oven, instead one of my brothers was right and we got another future strip. BTW November 12th is the anniversary of the Enchantment Under The Sea Dance from the Back To The Future films. What a coincidence. Old Andy B still has it with the ladies even in a wheelchair. That made me smile more than the intervention by Cod. 😉

  11. D. Walker

    Ramon is wearing PINK socks. I love it!

    ~D. Walker~

  12. Max

    Holy crap, I’m laughing my ass off in the computer lab at 5 am during finals…needless to say I’m getting glares…

  13. koji

    Man, Ramon’s art is plain perfect. Kudos.

  14. Lee

    whipper snapper…such a good expression for those young folk 😉

  15. Mondo Kane

    So Rob fouled up with Sydney TWICE, eh?

    Once again Ramon, you’re a terrible tease… 😉

    As for the whole “love” “darlin'” and “sweetheart” thing, I do that all the time and no-one bats an eyelid over here in Engerlond. In fact, I think if you don’t call complete strangers up here in the North where I roam “love” or “duck” you’re considered a bit odd.

  16. Mars

    i’m fulfilled! i can’t wait for the guest slots! panel 11 and 12 made me giggle so hard i peed a little.

  17. Krahmm


    Thank you!!

  18. a mysterious voice from the back

    ah, fish beatings, the true purpose of humour- although i must say I’m suprised that they have Cod in the future.

    Is that Vince in the last panel or who? i can’t tell…

  19. a mysterious voice from the back

    I also like the second to last panel. Ramon just looks so happy! 🙂

  20. Rob

    The last panel is none other then an aged Andy B!

  21. BergenskGuru

    What is this word hiatus mean? Me I am not so familiar with so complex scotish words! Hope it does not mean something bad about the comics, must have this comic very bad. Please?

  22. Krahmm

    The socks are more lavender than pink.

    Way I figure it, when you get that old, you can wear whatever socks you want. Me? I got my eye on a set of plaids.

  23. Greth

    last panel obviously a reference to old biff from back to the future 2 :p

  24. Naomi

    are you guys goin’ to the big apple con?

  25. Bruce

    The entire fish slapping motif kind of strikes me as Monty Python-esque.

    See: The Fish Slapping Dance.

    It’s 15 seconds of pure unadulterated goodness.

  26. Bruce

    Might I add that this previously mentioned skit can be found on Youtube! I just had a look, and there she is! Sweeeet

  27. Kristina

    Oh my…That’s GREAT, you guys rock! Future Ramon reminds me of Colonel Sanders! Love you guys! Have a nice break!

  28. Ariel

    I am fortunate enough to own the entire Circus 14-disc set. I watch the fish slapping dance on repeat. It is never NOT pants-wettingly funny.

    Much like this. Aged Andy B. has a natty sense of color coordination, too. YUSS.

  29. Steve

    Thank you Kristina, if you hadn’t said that, I certainly would’ve. Also: “Shlap” is the perfect onomatopoeia for a giant fish (yes, I had to look up that spelling).

  30. Bunyip

    “Krahmm Says:

    November 12th, 2007 at 9:20 am
    The socks are more lavender than pink. ”

    I would call them more salmon than lavender.

  31. Ariel

    Bunyip, I agree. What other possible color could they be?

  32. Rucoonius Gluteus Maximus

    I love the giant breasted woman pushing the random playboy from earlier in the last panel… FABULOUS.

  33. Rucoonius Gluteus Maximus

    OH. How can I submit a guest strip? Do tell, do tell! I can draw, too. I would love to do something. Oh please… pleeeeease?

    Eeeh… all that aside, I don’t have much up, but I have art up posted in the archives on my website. I’m working on my own comics at the moment, too. Not much up, again, but plenty o art. 🙂

  34. Cameron

    It seems that Ramon doesn’t have any real reason to make Rob say the fish puns, he’s just doing it for the halibut.



  35. Vassago

    God, i seriously laughed my ass of at this one.

  36. Tengel

    Hey – I’m in England, so I get called ‘love’ all the time. It annoys the shit out of me.

    Hello, love. How are you, love? What can I get you, love? Ok, love. Here you go, love. That’ll be £1, love. Cheers, love. Here’s your change, love. Goodbye, love.


  37. Jay Wunk

    Wait, if that’s Andy…then is the big titted Beauty Queen behind him possibly his Granddaughter, the result of offspring from he and BBW Hildy?!? SUPER-LUCKY SOB, you scored big-time, didn’t ya?!

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