Guest Strip: Andy Broccoli presents Andy B in Operation Squash Butternut, Part 1
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November 15th, 2007

Guest Strip: Andy Broccoli presents Andy B in Operation Squash Butternut, Part 1

this week begins andy b’s magnum opus contribution to the butternut hiatus guest strip extravaganza! andy was so enthusiastic about helping out, and mocking us to no end, he decided upon creating a two part tale!for those unfamiliar with andy’s work, please check out his comic RAISING HELL, this tale of love and horror is updated every friday! 


  1. Kris

    Woot! First comment!

    Hooray for guest strips! Love it!

  2. ..::beep::..

    sweet 😛

  3. Adam

    This was a very entertaining idea.

  4. Jon

    🙂 I can hear the theme music now!

  5. Don

    will andy b remove ramon’s third nipple, the true source of his uncanny ways with women … dun dun dun

  6. Syd

    HAHA YES! He really tied the room together.
    The Achievers of the world are smiling down on this comic today.

  7. Mondo Kane

    “My cock blockery will be legendary!” Priceless. I’ll be remembering that one for personal use, Andy 🙂

  8. Erin

    Does ramon have a third nipple????

  9. Kris

    Doesn’t _everyone_ have a third nipple?

  10. Matt

    Hehehe, i just got the pun on Brunhildes’ jump suit. its an outboard motor, for a… motorboat. Muahaha awesome joke!!

  11. Rucoonius Gluteus Maximus

    Dude. fabulous. He kind of reminds me of Hunter S Thompson in this one. Not sure why. Oh, wait, I do know why.

    Hunter S Thompson was parodied in Venture Brother’s as Brock’s teacher, giving him the super-spy aspect in my mind. This seems like a parody of Hunter in Venture Brothers. So maybe that’s where the H.S. Thompson thing comes from.

    Love it!

  12. Rucoonius Gluteus Maximus

    Dammit, I put a bad link in the first comment for my website. There needs to be an edit option in word press… unless there is. I don’t know. I don’t have my own SQL server or anything fancy and have had the unfortunate rotten luck of never having the chance to play with wordpress…


    freakin awesome, luvin it

  14. Steph

    Ramon does have two nipples…I am seeing this right?

  15. Adam

    Are Hildy’s breasts supposed to look like a blimp… what with that propeller looking design on them?

  16. Adam

    Oh, and Big Lebowski reference CALLED!

  17. Matt

    Adam, i think its a reference to this earilier strip
    hehe, mototrboat.

  18. Adam

    Indeed it is. Thanks, Matt!

  19. Matt

    What about the picture of a topless Sydney next to comatose Rob? Suspicious

  20. Matt

    The Chinaman peed on my rug

  21. Forewarned

    Is he any kin to Albert R. Broccoli

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