Guest Strip: Andy Broccoli presents Andy B in Operation Squash Butternut, Part 2
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November 22nd, 2007

Guest Strip: Andy Broccoli presents Andy B in Operation Squash Butternut, Part 2

The charismatic Andy B of RAISING HELL puts it part two of his Butternut magnum opus! How will it end for our heroes and their new arch rival? Only Andy B can say, but due to his overwhelming demand by the fairer sex (or so he tells me) part 3 will have to wait till the new year!But in the meantime there’s plenty more renditions of our cast and crew coming your way… so stay tuned!


  1. David Riches

    First to say, Doctor Ho? Doesn’t look like anything with weight loss or back problems….
    And picturing Rob as Blofield and Ram0on as Jaws I mean is that because one is tall and the other is shorter or was it the hair? I would have thought you would have been nicer of the lounge lamp.

  2. Matt

    Such am amazonian Brunhilde 🙂 Love the “Andy broccoli” will sorely miss the original A. Broccoli

  3. Andy B

    You got that right Matt. His daughter was starting to break my heart with those terrible Pierce Brosnan movies but CLEARLY has redeemed herself with Casino! I was so skeptical at first but then was totally blown away!

  4. Mondo Kane

    You and Perez do have something in common, Andy… never giving us a decent look at Hildy 😉
    What can I say? I like big girls…
    Looking forward to more Bond puns, dude – may lighting return to the lady-lair soon 🙂

  5. Matt

    Yup Excellent casting (was worried about Mr. Craig but he was dead on)and script for Casino, shows why Bond be a bastard: Extreemly cocky cause he knows he’s good (sneaking into M’s house was classic) and then being betrayed by and losing a person he loves = No mess with the Bond. Only complaint was the opening credits, case in point “The World Is Not Enough” had the best naked-dancing-opening-credit-Bond-girls-on-a-blue-screen ever, but Casino had too pany poke chips. Come on now, breadn and circuses! Bread and Circuses!!!

    /i should not be posting at 3:30 am 🙂
    //keep up the good work – loving this and Kukuburi!

  6. Matt

    agree with Mondo Kane, awesome job at drawing Bruenhilde 🙂 i’m 6’3 and the most fun i ever had was wit a girl that was 6’6 and could break me 🙂

    keep it up AndyB!

    /sleepin now, promise

  7. JL

    Wondering….twice the photo with “lucky lamp” with the red-head off to the left. When did he ever have a red-head with her top off? Little chicky was blond.

  8. dreaming pixels

    LOVE the opening panel! I just spent like five minutes straight just staring at it- there’s so much happening it’s just hypnotizing.

    However, a question- what is the “BA NEER NEER NEER” in the third panel? Is that a theme song?

    PS:I can’t blame him for wanting to steal Rob back- I know I want a lamp shaped like a smelly, comatose dude. And Rob is so much more than just a pretty lamp…
    Go Andy!

  9. dreaming pixels

    PPS Hildy is my idol

  10. Kris

    Am I the only one who sees something vaguely sexual about the halved butternut squash and the two guitar necks? And some symbolism, suggesting cock-blockery?

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