Guest Strip by Tauhid Bondia: Scooter Unleashed
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November 29th, 2007

Guest Strip by Tauhid Bondia: Scooter Unleashed

this weeks take on butternut is done by the talented TAUHID BONDIA of the GOOD SHIP CHRONICLES. hit said link and take a swing over to his site if you haven’t already and check out his comic of spacefaring misadventures! go. now! dooooo it.


  1. Chris

    Yes, first post!
    This is pretty funny! Then again, anything with Fozzie Bear can be funny in that Muppet way.

  2. Joel

    hahaha nice, mahna mahna’s funeral… classic.

  3. Kenneth

    Heh – you just know that Dr Teeth (if I recall his name correctly) is about to go hobo-mad 😀
    Love this rendition of the three amigos and the muppets – spot on AND funny.

  4. John

    Hey, this is great! guest strips from comics I already know and love! Groovy.

  5. Tanenger

    Fucking brilliant.

    The Muppets look so authentic, it’s scary.

  6. Mike

    Good thing it’s not an open coffin… 😉

  7. dreaming pixels

    At least I didn’t see animal there. the boys would have been lucky to escape with all their limbs intact. I guess this sort of think would alienate them from the muppet community…
    Friggin’ brilliant in concept and in art. fave guest strip in a long time

  8. Kelly

    Best guest strip evar.
    Also, awesome renditions of muppets, I just wish they were in color! Anyone going to take up the challenge and play coloring book with today’s strip?

  9. Eli, a fan of chickens

    I love the inclusion of the chicken, those were some of my most favorite muppets.

  10. Will

    This is an awesome guest strip, well done!

  11. Will

    This is an awesome guest strip! Well done!

  12. Xavier

    We’re getting some really really good guest comics.
    Excellent strip.

  13. Mondo Kane

    Whoa! Cracking guest strip there! Nice to see Dr Teeth getting some screentime, he always was my favorite when I was wee 🙂

  14. Sarah

    Yay! I love Butternut Squash and I love Good Ship Chronicles PLUS Beaker. This is wonderful…

  15. kRISTINA

    This was great! Thanks!

  16. Vogel

    just great!


  17. Tauhid

    I’m glad you guys enjoyed the comic. I was stoked for the chance to draw and BNS guest strip and it was a lot of fun. 😉

  18. Adam

    It’s cool to see a webcomicer that can keep B&W fresh and interesting. Good design.

  19. Usivius

    Flipp’n great job Tauhid. You kept the feel of BNS and ran with it. I loved it! Can’t wait to check out your stuff.

  20. Serife

    ^eyes mist over^

    your strip is beautiful……

  21. Effin' Bartlett

    Ahahahahaha! I keep wetting my “toughskins” everytime I read this one. This replacement is the best! His art and humour kick the asses of the guys who used to do this damn strip!

    Viva Bondia! “Butternut Squash” is elevated into the stratospheric heights of the “Cathy” or “Hagar the Horrible” realm in your tallented ink-stained hands! There are no human bondaries as to where this strip can go. Dare I even ponder the comedic wizardry of …”Ziggy??!”

    Wherever these cursed bastards, Rob & Ramon are now, no doubt that they are receiving punishments they so deserve. Of Biblical proportions! Nasty business. Real bad-ass Old Testament stuff.

    Thank you for taking over Butternut Squash. Viva Bondia!

  22. Kyle Voltti

    isn’t scooter dead? didn’t the guy who voiced him die and they never replaced him?

  23. Allan

    I miss Spells and Whistles. :.(

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